Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.13 "The Bishop Revival"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.13 "The Bishop Revival"
I love myself more action for Astrid, and that's what I got from last week's Fringe. You can imagine the grin on my face as she started to do more, and more, and more than previous episodes--and, last week, she went from looking for Walter in the science center to finding that critical bottle of horseradish. In fact, it's interesting to see how close she has become with Walter. Perhaps that's the reason why he couldn't help but let slip perhaps his darkest secret: "I can't let him die again."

"What do you mean?" Astrid answered. Uh-oh.

Peter's past from the alternate universe has been a white elephant in the series so far: a few mentions here and there, perhaps the occasional dream, but nothing that big, especially in recent episodes. Tonight's episode might lay down the groundwork--I mean, why else would it be called "The Bishop Revival"? And then there's next week's winter finale, which is going to be about the universes altogether, and I think we can expect big things tonight.

Fringe tonight revolves around an odd bunch of deaths during a wedding ceremony. People suffocate from the inside out. A specific bunch of guests, rather than a random assortment. Turns out it's a toxin that led to the deaths, and the Fringe Division, in usual fashion, is sent to the scene to investigate what the toxin is and how it was used.

Turns out the wedding ceremony was a testing ground for a weaponized science experiment. ("I do want to kill you.") That experiment, turns out, has a connection to the Bishop clan. Not Walter directly, I think, but it's still a Bishop--maybe an alternate Bishop? The stakes are raised as the number of deaths escalate and everything else starts to go wrong. But not exactly. There's got to be a breakthrough somewhere.

Fringe returns with a new episode tonight from 9pm on Fox. You've seen the photos, yes? Not a happy wedding, unfortunately.

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