Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.12 "What Lies Below"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.12 "What Lies Below"
Last week's Fringe--the one from the second season, note--was pretty interesting. A mysterious humming sound messing with our nerves so we see these people are normal-looking? A sinister plot to kill anyone who figures out? The intentions may make sense but you've gotta admit, they're pretty sinister.

Tonight, we move away from such interventions, and deal with something more natural, but nonetheless freaky. It's a disease! We don't usually say that line with such glee, especially if the disease is pretty scary, which is true in this case. So a man enters this office, starts feeling disoriented, and collapses. And then his veins explode and blood sprays everywhere. There's your unknown disease.

The problem lies with Olivia and Peter's presence. Naturally they're there to investigate, and they discover that it's a lethal virus that's connected to something pretty valuable. Even worse? The CDC quarantines the building, and Livy and Peter are isolated. Insult to injury? Judging from the promos, Peter gets infected, and that sends Walter and the rest to look for an antidote. Because Walter can't let Peter just die--and so do we.

I mean, really. A Peter-less Fringe? I can't imagine. The show returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. The photos, free of exploding blood, are right below.

(Image courtesy of Fox)