Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.11 "Johari Window"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.11 "Johari Window"
Now we're done with last Monday's stand-alone, slightly confusing and definite-past-blast episode, we get on back to the groove. Remember, Livy has already met Bellie, Walter's learned a lot more about himself... just get back to the second season mindset, please.

On tonight's Fringe, the team visits Edina City, this little town somewhere in upstate New York, and they're there because (obviously) something weird's going on. Somewhere there's this attack involving disfigured humans, and they've tracked those men down to that little town. They've been hiding there forever, and they hope to keep it that way.

Uhh, why the attacks? That so exposes you!

Or is it precisely because they want to stay hidden? That's the little obstacle the team faces tonight--"no, we won't cooperate!" followed by some fight--and then, as always, the investigation takes an unexpected turn. No, they're not disfigured. They're experiments. I'm just guessing.

Fringe returns with an all new episode tonight from 9pm on Fox. Don't mind the different episode title--they changed it at the last minute.

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