Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.10 "Grey Matters"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.10 "Grey Matters"
Brain power!

Sorry, can't help but scream that. Yes, the untapped power of the brain has been tackled a handful of times in a handful of Fringe episodes--Livy's abilities, Rebecca, that Tyler kid--and tonight is another example. This time, though, it's the brain we should've taken a look at eons ago: Walter's brain.

So how exactly does his head come into the picture? I can't really make the connection yet, but the Fringe Division will, tonight, investigate a really odd event at a mental institution. There's this patient who gives himself an impromptu brain surgery, and unexpected leaves his brain exposed. No, the dude doesn't die--in fact, he survives the whole thing, and his sanity isn't affected either.

The question: how are the patients in that mental institution being cured? I guess that's where Walter's brains come in. Maybe it is possible, with the help of some fringe-y stuff. Then again, it could be something totally different--take the cue from Livy, who spots the head (literally) of the shape-shifters among surveillance footage in the course of the investigation. Oh, dead.

Sebastian Roche guest stars on tonight's Fringe, from 9pm on Fox. The photos are right below, unless somebody moved them up the shelf.

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