Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.06 "Earthling"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.06 "Earthling"
If you're reading this on November 5, then the World Series must be over, and either the Yankees or the Phillies won.  That said, it's back to television normality, and back to fringe-y stuff.

We left Fringe a few weeks back with a couple of ideas: one, that living off another person's dreams is fatal, and two, that Peter is starting to realize that he is not from this side of the world, but is from the other side.  If that aura thing a few episodes back wasn't obvious enough, that should be.  Now, I wonder why Peter does not remember being brought to this universe by his dad, or at least our version of Walter...

Tonight's all-new episode is directed by 24 executive producer Jon Cassar, and should revolve around a lot of action and gunfire--oh, and people disintegrating into ash just like that.  Now, I know the show has tackled grotesque ways of dying, like being sliced by a portal to another universe, or being stuck in the middle of a bank safe's door, or having a slug come out of your throat, but this?

But that's not where the focus is tonight.  Instead, we get to look more into the past of that slightly freaky guy named Phillip Broyles.  We know the head of Fringe Division is from the military, but tonight the case links to him, for some reason--well, to be exact, to the possibility of foreign fringe science wreaking havoc right here.  And then emotions get in the way, and stuff gets more complicated, as more personal details get revealed.  Maybe what happened between him and Nina Sharp?

Fringe returns with an all-new episode tonight from 9pm on Fox.  The photos are, as always, right below.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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