'Fringe' Preview: Will Peter Finally Learn The Truth?
'Fringe' Preview: Will Peter Finally Learn The Truth?
The last four episodes of Fringe have been about one thing: Peter's past as someone from the other side. Olivia knew, Walter told her everything, and they both struggled to either keep the secret or actually spill it. Judging from the promos tonight... that might finally happen.

But first, tonight's Fringe, which involves the return of the shapeshifters. Yep, those soldiers (are they?) from the other side who sent Charlie to heaven and tried to masquerade as him to get rid of Olivia. Now, after the discovery of two dead teeners, the Fringe Division is back on the tracks of their leader, Newton. And maybe a shape-shifting embryo.

But as Walter struggles with figuring out what "building a door" means, and Olivia searches for answers with Massive Dynamic, the focus tonight is on Peter. The promos do suggest that he will know things--maybe everything. Maybe the shapeshifters will find him? Maybe Walter will finally give it up? Bigger question: how will Peter take it? And Walter? And Olivia?

Perhaps tonight is Fringe's biggest night. The episode airs from 9pm on Fox.

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