'Fringe' Preview: Will Olivia Keep Walter's Secret?
'Fringe' Preview: Will Olivia Keep Walter's Secret?
Admit it: last week's Fringe was a complete game-changer. Sure, the idea of Peter being from the alternate universe is quite a revelation, but what more a complete rethink of everything Walter's told us about his past? The car crash isn't a car crash, for one--it's them traveling back to our side.

And then there are a lot of questions about Peter's importance, and about William Bell's whereabouts in 1985, and what the alternate Walter and Elizabeth will do after their Peter disappears into the nether. I'm sure that'll be tackled in the next six weeks, but first, we go to Olivia.

Now that she knows everything (or almost everything), she believes that she has to tell Peter about it. Duty-bound, perhaps, to be true to him--not surprising for an FBI agent. But Walter, of course, won't let her do it. But will she? I suspect there are feelings going on somewhere here. She can't just keep it to herself.

That will get in the way of their case this week, that of a this woman--a perfectly healthy woman--who dies of a sickness she doesn't have in the first place. And then, one after the other, people start dropping like flies. Or at least that threat looms. So I guess that means Livy should keep her secret for a while, right? Fringe returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.

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