'Fringe' Preview: Peter's Found, But Will He Return?
'Fringe' Preview: Peter's Found, But Will He Return?
I'll admit, last week's musical Fringe episode was a little distraction. A welcome one--Anna Torv singing "For Once In My Life" was unexpected--but it pretty much set up the mythology of the series for newcomers, and reviewed it for us fans. But the story remains the same: Walter is blaming himself, more than anything, for Peter's disappearance. And Peter blames Walter, more than anything, for all the mess he's gone through.

So, where did Peter go? On tonight's Fringe, we'll get answers. Just look at the photo above: he's happy at work... with someone else?

Indeed, it looks like Peter doesn't have any plans of returning to Fringe division soon. Now he's teaming up with a local law enforcement official, someone named Tracy Mathis, and they'll investigate a string of murders connected to that shapeshifting head Newton. At least he's still helping out somehow.

But Peter's disappearance has caused more issues within Fringe division. With him gone, there's no reason to keep Walter around--remember, he was released from St. Claire's on the condition Peter be with him at all times, acting as a translator. It was a win-win situation, especially since Walter's remembering many things related to the case lately. Now Peter's gone, Fringe division might as well break up.

But I guess not. The question, though, remains: will Peter return? Martha Plimpton guest stars on tonight's Fringe, from 9pm on Fox.

(Image courtesy of Fox)