'Fringe' Preview: Draining and Deadly
'Fringe' Preview: Draining and Deadly
Olivia vowed on last week's Fringe that she won't be telling Peter the truth about his origins. So that means problem solved, right?

Tonight's episode seems to bring us back into the fold, as the Fringe Division gets back to investigating all these weird cases. This one is particularly scary: commuters inside a passenger train dying in a snap. Just like that. The scarier thing: they'll find out that all of their gadgets were drained of power... and the same goes to the people. Literally sapped of their energy.

And that brings us to this guy named Alastair Peck. (That'd be guest star Peter Weller.) He's a very powerful man--and by that, I mean literally powerful. Very energetic in the nuclear sense. And the probe takes a different spin when he enters the picture on tonight's Fringe, from 9pm on Fox.

Oh, wait, things aren't exactly going well in the Fringe division. Now it's Walter who'll seem off, and Peter will notice it...

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