'Fringe' Preview: Both Sides Work Together
'Fringe' Preview: Both Sides Work Together
Fringe kicked off its new season last week with a glimpse at how different things are now that Peter's gone. For starters, Walter's crazier. Astrid is now a field agent, and Olivia's more guarded than ever before. But it's not like the past three seasons didn't happen: Fringe Division is still around (only it's totally classified), The Pattern and the Observers and everything else still mucked about with our world, and most importantly, the bridge Peter created at the end of the third season is still there.

Oh, and yes, Peter is still kinda around, only now he's appearing on television screens and in mirrors and stuff.

All that poses a bunch of questions. So how did Walter cross over to the other side now that both Peters died? What happened to the cortexiphan trials that Olivia got involved in? But before all that, we have to see both universes in action -- and that's what Fringe is all about tonight.

Last week's case focused on a new kind of shapeshifter wrecking havoc on our world. Tonight, it's about a serial killer on the other side -- and the alternate Fringe Division ask our side's Fringe Division to help out. (Yes, the photo up there shows both Olivias. Supposedly. I don't get the hair.) In the end, they look for the serial killer's equivalent over here -- and the guy happens to be a college professor teaching forensic psychology. Talk about a way to underline all this stuff about choices this season of Fringe is going for.

Knowing Fringe, I'm sure we'll know a bit more about how things transpired now that Peter's gone. But, as we all know, he isn't totally gone -- and I'm sure he'll make his presence felt again. Question is, who'll get the cues first?

Fringe returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. Oh, by the way, I'm hearing a character we've seen before will return tonight...

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