Fringe: I'd Like To Think These Are Shallow Questions, But...
Fringe: I'd Like To Think These Are Shallow Questions, But...
In theory, there isn't really much to talk about just hours after the second episode of Fringe.  The thought of doing stuff to your wife's baby just so that kid inside can survive is a bit iffy, though.  More so, the thought that the only thing that will kill it is being in between the ground and a police car you inadvertently brought to yourself.  But I was thinking about three things--shallow ones, perhaps, but as we all know, it's the details that count.

Question one: What's the deal with Livy's enhanced hearing?  It's pretty easy to explain, I think--it's traveling across universes, pretty much like why she came out of her car's windshield a full hour after the car crash from over here.  Surely that also explains a few other things, like whatever happened to Nina (which came first, the cancer or the bionic arm?) and, probably, Walter's own issues.  It is annoying, though, to hear a fly creep up your bathroom wall with the intensity of a jackhammer.  (I exaggerate.)  And speaking of Nina...

Question two: Who the heck is Sam Wise?  He's the guy who was responsible for "putting together" Nina.  So I thought it must be the bionic arm.  And then the conversation between Nina and Livy went to psychologists, so he must be a trauma specialist or something.  And then he started talking about future headaches.  So, again, I don't know what happened.  Massive Dynamic or someone else entirely?  If something's certain, he'll stick around for a while--the photo up there is from next week's episode.

Question three: Who doesn't think "Charlie" is sinister?  He sounds sinister.  Listen again to that phone call between him and Livy.  He sounds like he's got a cough coming on.  Anyway, I'm still thinking about his mission, which almost certainly goes like this: extract information, shoot messenger, continue fight.  Oh, and who else thinks the way "Charlie" communicates with the other side is sooo kewl: a typewriter and a mirror.  If we only saw the advent of instant messaging when we were kids, it would've gone like that, DOS prompts and all.

Oh, and one last thing: I have this feeling Fringe will explore the religion versus science story, thanks to Agent Jessup.  If it wasn't clear from last week, the scene from last night when she saw a suspect's copy of the bible said it all.  Is Fringe going a bit preachy?  I don't know.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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