'Fringe' Episode 5.3 Videos: Licorice and Tree Dwarfs in 'The Recordist'
'Fringe' Episode 5.3 Videos: Licorice and Tree Dwarfs in 'The Recordist'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Fringe team finally gets to begin looking for those clues that will defeat the Observers. This involves another Walter video and a trip into a mysterious forest. Check out "The Recordist" in these three Fringe videos.

The first Fringe video from "The Recordist" takes us back to Walter's lab at Harvard, where more things need to be lasered out of amber.

  • You've got to love the "Formerly Harvard University" title card.
  • Astrid truly must have the patience of a saint. And Walter might want to think twice before insulting the woman with the laser.
  • Hey! It's the first of the actual clue tapes! As opposed to that rather useless video they found last week. I mean, Walter could not have put the first clue in the same tape as his instructions?
  • At least Astrid is not above gloating over her skills.
  • Oh Walter. Astrid is going to smack you if you don't stop taking credit...

In the second of these videos, we actually get to watch Walter's clue for the next piece of the puzzle.

  • Ugh. Is that the grape licorice? Why does such a horror exist, even in the Fringe universe?
  • Did Walter really go to the trouble of liberating a piece of licorice from the amber? I would totally buy that.
  • Only Walter would waste time with drugs while recording a tape that is meant to save the world from certain doom.
  • "What happened to tape 1 and 2?" Yeah! Is this going to be a problem?
  • "You stored the tapes out of order!" "Shocker."
  • Of course the tape dies at the crucial moment. This is why you record digitally, people!
  • Nice and subtle mention of Olivia's perfect memory there.
  • Does Walter recognize the location? What could he have possibly done way out in Pennsylvania?

The team has reached the Pennsylvania location by the time of the third Fringe video. It's very nice and wooded. But what dangers lurk beneath the trees?

  • Walter saw a "wicked tree dwarf." Naturally.
  • You know, if the Observers want to increase air pollution, they might want to consider cutting down this lush forest.
  • Awwww... Etta thinks her mommy is cool!
  • Those people have yucky skin.
  • Where is Astrid? Did they leave her behind for some reason?
  • "Definitely not dwarfs..." Nope.

This Fringe episode, "The Recordist," airs on Friday, October 12 at 9pm on FOX.

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