Fringe: But Of Course, There'll Be A Bishop-Bell Face-Off!
Fringe: But Of Course, There'll Be A Bishop-Bell Face-Off!
It may have been a slow burn, but the past episodes of Fringe have either dug deep into Walter's past, or Peter's past, or the complications of William Bell's work at Massive Dynamic. The winter finale, which airs in a couple of weeks, drops us into the alternate universe again. And, judging from the show's consulting producer Akiva Goldsman's comments, we're going to end this season with a bang--and then some.

To that, I say: ooooh, nice.

"William and Walter will finally face off in the finale," Goldsman told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. "These [characters] have so much that they're bringing to bear. And Leonard [Nimoy] and John [Noble] are two fantastic actors."

Oscar-winning Goldsman will direct the two-part season finale, which promises a visit to the other side. "We're trying to do the last two episodes as a singular event, a little bit more movie-like," he said. "It's really one big story. We're approaching it like a mini-feature. It'll have a singular narrative drive."

And don't worry, they won't kill anybody. But I do smell complications with people moving to that alternate universe, and not just in an Olivia-has-a-headache kind of way.

Goldsman also hinted that the last episodes of the season will see a lot of angles floated in the past few weeks explored further. "We're going to be looking very closely into Peter's identity, Walter's choices in the past, and Walter's choices in the future," he said.

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