'Fringe' Breaks Out Into Song (And I Think We'll All Be Both Amused and Confused)
'Fringe' Breaks Out Into Song (And I Think We'll All Be Both Amused and Confused)
Just when you thought everything that happens on Fringe is freaky--portals to another universe, people being split in half or fused together, and yes, that cliffhanger concerning Peter--we hear this: a musical episode.

Let me imagine Olivia Dunham singing. I can't.

TV Guide Magazine caught up with the Fringe cast about the musical episode, "Overture", which will air on April 29. "It's basically Walter telling a bedtime story to Olivia's niece and so it has these extreme versions of us," Lance Reddick said.

Okay, I understand that, but still, this takes a lot of getting used to.

Almost everybody will be singing, or at least doing something musical. Broyles will sing a Traffic song on the piano. Astrid will sing something from A Chorus Line. And Livy, well, she'll be singing--and will be serenaded too, although not by Peter. "I sing a song to Olivia, which is certainly confusing," Blair Brown, also known as Massive Dynamic's Nina Sharp, said.

Yes, that will be confusing--confusing and amusing at the same time.

What about Peter, then? I haven't seen anything about Peter's role in this episode, and--judging from the plot line of Fringe's return episode on April 1, which sees his origins unfold--maybe this means something big. Maybe. Just maybe.

(Image courtesy of Fox)