'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Welcome to Westfield'
'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Welcome to Westfield'
Physically unable to leave the small town of Westfield, Vermont, Olivia, Peter, and Walter investigate why the residents are experiencing bouts of delusion in which they recall memories that belong to their alternate universe counterparts. As Olivia worries that this phenomenon is affecting her, Walter reveals that this could not occur naturally and remembers that he and Bell years ago merged the two universes together in a controlled experiment, creating some of the same effects. They figure out David Robert Jones is behind the worlds merging in this location, and in order to not perish, the team and a group of survivors retreat to the center of the storm. In a cliffhanger ending, it appears that Olivia has obtained the memories of her prior-timeline self. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Welcome to Westfield."

Peter: We gotta get out of this town.

- Oh, Peter, you have such a knack for understatement.

Walter: As I suspected. I didn't think that those levitating effects that the witnesses described were a result of a change in gravity. On the contrary, it seems that for a brief moment the electromagnetic force in this area was increased dramatically.

- Yeah, My thoughts jumped straight to a change in gravity too. Seriously, I do not know what I would think if ever I were to encounter something half as strange as they do on Fringe.

Walter: Belly and I once combined a tiny portion of our universe with the alternate universe in a goldfish bowl in our lab. Besides what it did to the goldfish, the effect on the physics on the overlapping areas was catastrophic.

- With all the other changes that have been explored between this timeline and the past one, I wonder how the relationship between Walter and Bell is different. Do you think JJ Abrams can bring Leonard Nimoy out of retirement a third time?

Peter: Walter is creating a new breakfast cocktail: hot cinnamon roll.
Walter: Did you know that cocktails were historically conceived as a morning beverage? Etymology of the word itself, "cocktail", comes from the magnificent rooster who announces the dawn of each day.

- Anytime Walter starts with the phrase, "Did you know", the answer is always "No, but that's fascinating to know now."

Walter: I've seen this once before: Brigadoon, the musical. Magical town in the forest where no one can leave. Of course that quaint Scottish village was more hospitable than our present locale.

- Sometimes I wonder where the writers come up with their stories. Old musicals was the last thing I would have guessed.

Walter (to Peter): You're leaving? I made crepes. Breakfast for dinner, second most important meal of the day.

- I was always under the impression that dessert was the second most important meal of the day, but I suppose crepes can count if they're filled with strawberries and whipped cream. 

Walter (to Olivia): You're probably just psychosomatic, these symptoms you're feeling. You were always very empathetic, even as a child. That's why you're such a great investigator. Your ability to empathize with the victims; that's all this is.

- If someone called me mental and brought back memories of having done unethical tests on me as a child, I don't think I would have handled the situation quite as calmly as Olivia did here, even if he proceeded to compliment me.

Olivia: So, you're able to control the machine with your thoughts through this? ... And what, you just click your heels and think of home?
Peter: Well, we haven't quite worked out how that works yet, but that's kind of how I ended up here in Oz in the first place, so in theory, yeah.

- I love a good Wizard of Oz reference, though I think this episode, or any show in general, would be even greater with some Toto.

Olivia: What's she like, the other Olivia? I'm just curious.
Peter: I don't know. She's driven. She's very, very stubborn. She doesn't like to lose. But she sees the best in people, even when they don't see it in themselves ... She gave me something that I hadn't had since, really since my mom died. She gave me a place to call home. A place I'd want to call home.

- That was such a powerful moment for Peter to admit that it was Olivia instead of his father that made him consider Boston a home. Not that Peter doesn't appreciate Walter, but having it be because of his feelings for a woman shows growth of a will to settle down.

Olivia: So, what brings us here?
Broyles: Atlantic 591 was passing overhead when a disturbance occurred mid-flight. It appears their electrical and hydraulic systems failed.

- With the casting announcement today that Lost's Henry Ian Cusick will be guest starring later this season, was anyone else worried that Desmond forgot to press the button again?

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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