'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Making Angels'
'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Making Angels'
Alternate Astrid stops by this side for a visit with her counterpart, and ends up being instrumental in solving the case. A Fringe division composed of agents from both universes investigates a string of deaths that were seemingly predicted. In order for their deaths to make sense, Neil, the man connecting them, would have to be capable of experiencing time in the same manner that the observers do: as simultaneous instead of linear, which is possible with his device. Closure for the case comes when Olivia and Peter track Neil to Reiden Lake; Olivia ends up killing him after he appears to be shooting at her. Shortly thereafter, two observers sneak into his house and steal the device Neil was using, saying it belonged to September and was lost the night he did not save Peter from drowning. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Making Angels."

Walter: Perhaps you would both like to join me in a plate of eggs, with chives ... nearly all cultures react to death with food.

- How does Walter manage to bring food into absolutely every situation? Not that it isn't always amusing concerning the things he comes up with, but sometimes watching this show makes me hungry.

Neil: There is no future. There is no past. Everything happens right now.

- The cryptic and deep messages that Fringe comes up with are often some of the most interesting and confusing topics to think about. I'd much rather watch a show that confounds my brain than lets me sit there and melt away.

Alt Astrid: I have found that anger inevitably seems to be conjoined with emotional investment.

- Alternate Astrid started off sounding like a textbook and being as an emotionally distant character, but this line started to give clues to the reasons behind her personality. It was heartbreaking to later see her so upset about not feeing like her father loved her.

Walter: The interaction of chemical compounds I have not seen before. Predictive science says that these compounds shouldn't interact, but they do.
Olivia: So wait, you're saying that it's magic?
Walter: It's science, just unusual science. The way that six different alcohols create the flavor identical to iced tea.

- I was a little bit surprised that Olivia mentioned magic before asking, "How is that possible?" I hope the writers leave one strange case completely unexplainable by science in favor of supernatural phenomenon.

Olivia: Okay, we just caught a case, and my double's on her way here to sort this out.
Walter: Bolivia, the viper!
- I had been wondering whether they were going to address whether or not the events of the past three seasons still occurred even though the timeline is different. Thankfully, this episode affirmed that (at least) some of them did, with Walter holding a grudge against Alt Olivia for imprisoning and impersonating his Olivia.

Olivia (after Astrid screeches upon seeing her alternate self): I've always wondered why nobody does that.

- I think if I were to see an alternate version of myself, my shriek would be much longer and ear shattering. 

Walter: You may possess positive qualities that I may have previously overlooked.
Alt Olivia: Are you flirting with me?
Walter: In your dreams.

- It's nice to see an Olivia interact with this version of Walter because Alt Olivia's relationship with Walternate is minimal. 

Walter: Now you're breaking my concentration.
Alt Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you solving world hunger or perfecting the perfect peanut butter milkshake.

- I really enjoy that Alternate Olivia seems to have more of a sense of humor than the other one. It's fascinating to think that subtle differences in the same situation can cause a variety in character.

Olivia: Peter, I know it's taken me some getting used to, but as long as you're stuck here, you make a good partner.

- This reminded me of the first season as Olivia is slowly warming up to Peter and realizing his importance to the team aside from being Walter's babysitter. It makes me wonder if Peter could be happy with any version of Olivia.

Alt Olivia: Secretary's son, he's cute, huh. Bet he's all contradictory and tricky like his dad.
Olivia: Yeah, I imagine he's just your type.
Alt Olivia: Actually no. Turns out, I like the nice guys.

- Her delivery on this last line was my favorite part of the episode. Not only was it hysterical, but the way she said it with a mix of surprise and pride was impressive.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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