'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Forced Perspective'
'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Forced Perspective'
After an Observer's shocking reveal to Olivia that she is going to die, Agent Dunham and the FBI investigate a series of deaths that were seemingly predicted by a young artist, named Emily. Olivia, having questioned the girl's father and hearing Nina defend Massive Dynamic's testing on children, meets alone with Emily, who informs her that there will be a mass death. Walter then hypnotizes Emily to gain further information about it, and information leads the FBI to successfully take down the man behind the bomb. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Forced Perspective."

Mr. Mallam: It always starts this way. Authorities show up when they get wind of a girl with her ability. Then others come who want to study her, like those people at Massive Dynamic. And they never stop. No matter where we go they find her, watching from their cars, waiting for the right moment to grab her, take her to their labs. They poke and prod her like she's some kind of animal? Do you have any idea what that does to a young girl? Please, let my daughter have a chance of what's left of a normal childhood.

- I was really wishing Olivia would fight back with this man. These situations, when the suspect or victim assumes that the agent's life has been all rainbows and sunshine, make me highly agitated at peoples' self-centeredness. 

Lincoln: Hey, this is a weird one. Seems a crane operator lost control of an i-beam, which was then tragically introduced to Robert Engelhardt. A few moments before he was killed, someone handed Mr. Engelhardt a sketch depicting him being skewered by that same i-beam, as if his death was predicted.

- a) Has there ever been a case on Fringe that wasn't weird? b) Olivia's subtle reaction to hearing this was heartbreaking to watch. c) Lincoln has such a way with wording.

Peter (about Walter): I can't say you're going to get his full attention, per se; he's a little wired up today. He's already electrocuted himself three times.

- If Walter had a little crazier hair, he would completely fit the mad scientist description.

Olivia: He says a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
Peter: I'm guessing you're not finding that all that comforting right now.

- I think I would rather shine twice as bright than twice as long; at least that way, I know I've done something good with my life instead of wasted the extra time I had.

Walter: We're discussing cis-acting meiotic double-strand break hotspots.
Astrid: Don't worry Olivia I have no idea what he's talking about either.

- If I didn't look this phrase up to verify its legitimacy, I would have thought the writers were throwing together the first set of words that popped into her head.

Olivia: No, you're wrong. Nothing has to happen, nothing is written in stone. You and I, we don't have to die here today. Now, whatever happens next, is up to you. You are in control. I'm not ready to die today and I don't think that you are either. 

- As opposed as she is now to dying, I think that Olivia will eventually come to terms with it. She strikes me as a woman who would not want to leave things unsaid when she goes, and would rather make her death mean something than be taken down unsuspectingly in a futile fight.

Walter: Belly and I always had a theory that some traumatic events echo backwards in time. Put simply, some future events ripple backwards.

- The thing boggling my mind about this is that if future event were to ripple backwards, would they change the past and discount the future, or set the past to make the future happen?

Broyles: Olivia, what that man said to you, that you were going to die, maybe this was what he was talking about.
Olivia: I can't live my life like that, or do my job.

- I hope, in the event that Olivia does actually die, she goes out with the most heroic, saving-the-world montage ever made. She deserves it, after all.

Olivia: Do you believe in fate, sir?
Broyles: No, I don't.
Olivia: Neither did I. This drawing, how is it the day after a complete stranger tells me I'm going to die I end up investigating a case where the victim's death is predicted? Maybe, that man from the opera house, maybe he does know something.

- I found it interesting the way Peter later describes the observers as living simultaneously in the past, present, and future. So if fate is considered an unavoidable and uncontrollable event, Olivia is right on track with using the word instead of having it be superstition.

Peter: I don't understand, Emily. Why do you warn them if they can't do anything about it?
Emily: I don't know. I guess, if people knew, maybe they could say, "I love you", to someone, or just do one good thing. 

- The casting of this young girl was spot on. Her tortured soul was what made this episode work and brought forth Olivia's struggle with her future.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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