'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Brave New World, Part 2'
'Fringe' Awesome Quotes: 'Brave New World, Part 2'
In the second part of the season four finale, Astrid survives a bullet while William Bell takes Walter aboard his freighter to ride out the apocalypse in a safety zone. Jessica Holt contacts Olivia, who, along with Peter, meets her and an Observer in the abandoned warehouse. They learn that Jessica works for Bell before the Observer and Jessica are shot; Peter and Olivia take her body back to the lab to interrogate about Bell's location with Nina's assistance. After Olivia realizes that she is the energy source Bell needs to complete the destruction of the worlds, she, Nina, and Peter board a helicopter bound for Bell's freighter. When they arrive at its supposed location, only Peter can see it because it is in the other universe. Peter and Olivia combine their abilities to arrive on the ship. Onboard, Bell says that he cannot shut off the collapse, so Walter shoots Olivia through the head, and the worlds are saved. Relying on the cortexiphan in Olivia's system to heal her, Walter removes the bullet and waits with Peter for her to wake up, which does not take long. Afterwards, William Bell disappears, the Fringe division receives a massive financial boost from the Capitol, Broyles is promoted to General and offers Nina a job. Olivia may have lost her cortexiphan abilities, but learns that she is expecting. An Observer vaguely warns Walter about a future danger. Here are the 10 best quotes from "Brave New World, Part 2."

Peter: Do you want to talk about it?
Olivia: Talk about what?
Peter: The Jedi mind trick you pulled on me back on the roof.

- I've always enjoyed shows throwing in pop-culture references that make the characters live in the same world that we do however, I don't know if that's the best feeling when talking about Fringe. There are some things that happen in their world that I would like to avoid.

Jessica: My bicycle is blue and has a little shiny bell. Ding ding ding. I left it in the rain and it rusted.

- I know I'm not the only one who noticed Jessica's ramblings were reminiscent of Charlotte mumbling about chocolate before her death on Lost.

Peter: It's going to be OK.
Olivia: You know, for the first time, I don't think it is. I remember being in that lab in Jacksonville, and Walter and William were doing the cortexiphan trials. I remember how it smelled, how I felt, how all alone I was, how scared I was. And now years later nothing has changed. I'm still that little girl. And William Bell is still doing experiments on me. I'm still being used.
Peter: No. Something had changed. This time you're not alone.

- Olivia has proven multiple times that she is now a fighter instead of a submissive. She may still be scared, but this time she has the emotional strength to stop it.

Peter: What just happened there? Did she faint?
Nina: No, no, that's not possible. She's not alive, she can't faint.

- There are several episodes a season in which I learn something new about the rules of the hypothetical post-death condition. My favorite comes from the pilot, said sarcastically by Peter: "Right, because after six hours, that's when they're really dead." 

Nina: Yes, Olivia now has as much activated cotexiphan in her system as the Olivia from the original timeline. Now if what you both have told me is accurate, Olivia can jump between worlds. You, Peter, you can see it and Olivia, you can reach it, but it will have to be done together.
Olivia: What if I can't do it?
Nina: You have the most extraordinary gifts, but the only one you're denying is knowing it.

- Nothing like a pep talk from Nina. I love that the story depended on Peter and Olivia pulling their powers together because it nicely showed the way that they fit with one another.

William Bell: Walter, this was all your idea ... you decided to create a universe that would operate by your rules. And then when you realized you were smart enough to do it, you got scared. You asked me to cut out a portion of your brain.

- Although Fringe poses a lot more questions than it answers, it does eventually answer some, such as this one, and that is one more reason why watching it is worthwhile.

Olivia: The new energy source, it's me. He's going to try and use me to collapse the two universes. That's why he's been activating me.

- Wow. Despite Walter shooting Olivia in the head and her announcing she's pregnant, this is the one thing I did not see coming. Maybe it's because I'm a little bit confused as to why Bell wouldn't choose a heart-less person to help him destroy two worlds.

Walter: You know, Peter, I've been thinking. Due to the intense energy utilization, the cortexiphan that was in her body should be almost negligible.
Peter: Meaning what, Walter?
Walter: Well, meaning that she won't be able to run around setting things on fire or doing super human things ...
Peter: So, you're saying that Olivia is normal now?
Walter: Well, the treatments did leave a biological signature, so I suppose some deeds could one day emerge, but for all intents and purposes, I believe, yes.

- Why do I have the feeling that "one day" will be sooner than we think? It would be poetic to see Olivia master her powers and use them to take down William Bell for good.

Peter: The doctor didn't tell you anything else, did he?
Olivia: Actually he did. Peter, I'm pregnant.

- Olivia's suspicious hesitation has me concerned. Etta didn't seem to express any special powers in the future, but the fact that she had to have been brought back to life by the cortexiphan as well, makes me wonder.

Observer: We have to warn the others. They are coming.
Walter: Who is coming?

- I am assuming that he was referring to the other Observers because of this year's post-apocalyptic episode. I have been under the impression that "Observers are here", so I am now highly interested in the population that is not "here". 

Stephanie Hall
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