Bringing Sexy Back: #4 Joshua Jackson in 'Fringe'
Bringing Sexy Back: #4 Joshua Jackson in 'Fringe'
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It's impossible to look at Joshua Jackson and not think about Pacey. Dawson's Creek was a seminal series in the lives of many 20-somethings, and though there was much debate as to whether Joey should choose Dawson or Pacey, the exposure still made Jackson an instant teen idol. Though his career cooled after the WB drama left the air, he's now getting a chance to reclaim that status as the star of one of the most anticipated new shows of the year, J.J. Abrams' Fringe.

While not sexy in any classic sense of the word, Jackson has still become a sex symbol through his pseudo-bad boy character. Pacey was a guy who seemed like he was a real wild child, but in reality he was a sensitive soul. Does Joshua Jackson still have what it takes to make all those Pacey lovers swoon a full decade after he first came onto the scene? Only time will tell, but we're tempted to say yes.


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