Video Preview of Friday Night Lights Season Finale "Tomorrow Blues"
Video Preview of Friday Night Lights Season Finale "Tomorrow Blues"
This Friday is the season finale of the third season of Friday Night Lights. Thankfully, we still have two more season ahead of us to follow the Dillon gang, although it is uncertain who will be returning and who will be seeking a future outside of Dillon, Texas.

NBC Official Press Release: Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tami have faced countless challenges over the course of the last three school years; juggling responsibilities between family, work and pressures from the community, and raising their teenaged daughter, Julie. The past school year brought a wave of change to Dillon, including the arrival of the affluent McCoy family, including Joe and Katie and their freshman son, rising star quarterback J.D. McCoy. The McCoy's befriended all the right people in town -- except for Coach Eric Taylor, who felt challenged and threatened by the power they wielded. Coach Taylor and Tami try to quickly recover from Joe McCoy's premeditated political play, which forced Coach Taylor out as the Panther's head coach. The Taylor's now find themselves adjusting to these changes and open to the new possibilities that lay ahead at rival East Dillon High.

Additionally, the graduating senior class took a step closer to adulthood as they rode out their last year of high school. Tyra Colette sorted out her feelings for Landy and did her best to stay on track with her academics and college applications; Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity spent their last year examining their friendship and future as a couple. That which should have been the best year for senior quarterback Matt Saracen proved to be a difficult one, as he dealt with his ailing grandmother's needs, rebuilding a relationship with his mother and increasing competition to get playtime on the field. Meanwhile, Jason Street and Brian "Smash" Williams make bold decisions to pursue new opportunities and lives outside of Dillon.

Changes Come Along As Life Goes On In Dillon—Five months after the state championship, everyone is getting ready for some big changes. Tim (Taylor Kitsch) has second thoughts about college; Matt (Zach Gilford) prepares to go to college and leave his grandmother and Julie (Aimee Teegarden) behind; Landry (Jesse Plemons) and Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) face an uncertain future as he helps her make fateful decisions about college; and Lyla’s (Minka Kelly) dreams lay in the hands of her estranged uncle. Despite a successful season with the Panthers, Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) finds himself uncertain about his coaching future. Connie Britton also stars.

Check out the preview clips below:

Matt Saracen packs up his grandmother’s for the move to the assisted living home

Principal Taylor and Buddy have a talk with Lyla about going to Vanderbilt

Coach Taylor confronts McCoy about his job

Eric and Tami talk about fighting to save Coach’s job

Julie talks to Tami about Matt and all of her friends leaving

Landry fed up with Tyra, tells her he believes in her

Billy and Tim Riggins talk about their futures

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