Scott Porter Prepares to Say Goodbye to 'Friday Night Lights'
Scott Porter Prepares to Say Goodbye to 'Friday Night Lights'
It was announced months ago that both Scott Porter and Gaius Charles would be leaving Friday Night Lights during its third season, but that hasn't made saying goodbye to their characters any easier.  The final episode featuring Smash packed an emotional wallop that left many fans in tears, and it's likely next week's send-off for Jason Street will have the same effect.  As hard as it is to say goodbye, it's nice that FNL is taking the time to bid a proper farewell to two of its most important characters.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Scott Porter discussed his feelings on leaving Friday Night Lights, and also opened up about his emotional final day of filming.

In the interview, Porter reveals that the storyline centering around Jason's baby was cut short in season 2 due to the writers' strike.  It was originally supposed to play out over 10 episodes, but those plans had to be changed at the last minute.  Instead, the producers decided to wrap up Jason's storyline in four episodes this season, the last of which will air next Wednesday.

When asked who he bonded with most in the cast, Porter admitted that the actors have formed their own little family over the past three seasons.  "I know it sounds cliché, but I got along with everyone," he said.  "Zach Gilford (Saracen) and I lived together, Jesse Plemons (Landry) is like a little brother to me — we go to the gym all the time and to movies.  Gaius Charles and I have the same beliefs and we really connect there.  We went to church together a couple of times and definitely check in with each other to make sure we have our moral compasses on straight.  Minka Kelly (Lyla), I would say out of someone I work with on the most regular basis, we probably became the best friends.  For a lot of our scenes in Season 1 it was just the two of us, or the two of us and Riggins.  I could go on and on.  But, probably my best friend to come out of this is Kevin Rankin (Herc).  People don't know what they're getting with Kevin — he is one of the most brilliant and generous actors I've ever worked with, and on top of that, he's just an amazing person."

Jason's final episode will find him visiting New York with his longtime friend, Tim Riggins.  Porter wouldn't reveal what happens in his character's final moments, but he did admit that saying goodbye was difficult.  "My last scenes were with Taylor Kitsch," he said.  "And Taylor and I basically flew to New York for my last week on the show, and the two of us couldn't keep it together in the last scene. . .there were definitely tears.  Taylor would kill me for telling you this, but there were definitely tears."

Tonight's episode of FNL, entitled "Keeping Up Appearances," brings some good news for Jason, which will help set up his trip to the Big Apple next week.  Friday Night Lights airs tonight at 9pm on DirecTV's 101 network.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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