It's Confession Time this Week on 'Friday Night Lights'
It's Confession Time this Week on 'Friday Night Lights'
This week on Friday Night Lights, not everything goes as planned on a date and a sneaky getaway becomes necessary for Jason (Scott Porter).  Meanwhile, Landry (Jesse Plemons) gets the official third degree in connection with the attack on Mike Caldwell.

Read on for spoilers to Friday's episode entitled “The Confession.”

When Friday Night Lights continues this Friday, our tragically fallen hero Jason goes out on a date with Isabella.  When their conversation turns south, Jason jumps at the chance to bail on the remainder of their rendezvous when Isabella goes to the ladies' room.

Jason enlists the help of Erin the waitress by asking her to tell Isabella that he needed to leave.  Erin is initially reluctant to help him out and admonishes Jason to do the honorable thing and being man enough to be honest with his date.  Jason then relays what Isabella had revealed to him and Erin starts to sympathize with his decision.  The two of them forge a bond when Erin drives Jason home.

Elsewhere, picking up where last week's episode left off, a detective grills Landry about the attack on Mike Caldwell.  “The Confession” airs this Friday, December 7.

Up ahead on Friday Night Lights, we have additional spoilers to an installment that is due to air next month.  In episode 2.12 entitled “Who Do You Think You Are?” a man by the name of Chris Kennedy hosts a Christian talk show with Lyla (Minka Kelly).  The program called I was a Teenage Christian lets teenagers phone in to seek advice on various subject matters.

Chris Kennedy, a former missionary based in Europe, will be a recurring character in the series.  Also in the said Friday Night Lights installment, Devon, a tough guy recently out from juvenile hall, makes it his highest and most immediate priority to find Santiago and attempt to talk him into leaving school.  Smash (Gaius Charles) basks in the spotlight but isn't exactly in the coach's good graces.  Finally, Tami (Connie Britton) finds it difficult to let Gracie go to day care.

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