Friday Night Lights: Scott Porter Gets Slot in 'Masterwork' Pilot
Friday Night Lights: Scott Porter Gets Slot in 'Masterwork' Pilot
Not after a long, inevitable goodbye that's got to happen but still managed to pull off a handful of tearjerkers when it happened—turns out, we don't have to say goodbye to Jason Street for that long.

After departing the set of Friday Night Lights, Scott Porter scored himself a role in Masterwork, the latest pilot from Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring.   We've tackled this before—the show's story is a pretty ambitious one, once described as a globe-trotting adventure where the main characters race against time to recover the world's most precious artifacts.

Since news first broke out, we've received more details: it centers on an FBI agent teaming up with an MI5 agent to do just that.  Australian actor Matt Passmore and British actress Natalie Dormer have taken on the lead roles.   For this, Porter takes the jump, from an injured quarterback-turned-sports agent in Dillon, to a fellow FBI agent who helps in tracking down international art thieves—and recover whatever they've taken away.

Already I'm excited about the pilot, and I hope that it does make it as a series, although with the recent trend in television I can't help but fear that, if it does get ordered for an extended run, it could face early cancellation—big budgets plus a possibly low viewership, depending on which network airs this and how, don't mix well.  After all, this series will take everyone around the world in a hunt for those frigging artifacts.

But for now, nothing much is yet known.   We don't know how this will turn out, so I guess we're all better off hoping the best for Street—err, Scott—in the near future.   It'd be fun seeing him pull this off, after what we've seen from him during three years of Friday Night Lights

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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