Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.10 "The Giving Tree"
Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.10 "The Giving Tree"
Today's forced topic to ponder on is attention—to be exact, the way we react differently when given that.  There's a pair of eyes looking at you for an extended period of time, or there's a bulky camera that takes many photos of you, for tossing in rapid speed to somewhere in the world.  How do you react?

It was a little funny for me to watch how the Dillon Panthers skirted with the sudden attention in last week's episode of Friday Night Lights.  They were, after all, one-half of a nationally-televised game—and the perfect way to pressure a team that's playing a crucial playoff game.  Things are still serious outside the field—efforts are still swinging in place—and then, the announcement comes that the entire thing will be televised, and the next thing we know, everybody's celebrating.  What does it change?  Well, apart from your chances at making it big, nothing much.

And look at how they almost fumbled—at least, until Matt (Zach Gilford) is brought out as wide receiver and clinches the win.  Attention?  Finally, after his limbo when his quarterback slot came under fire.   At least it's the good kind.  Exactly.

At least they're giving some thought to their futures, if my theory of them happy with the televised attention stands true . I can't possibly know the writers' deepest intentions.  Anyway, I still have the urge to shake Tyra (Adrianne Palecki) up after her decision to toss college for Cash.  Sure, last week was an eye-opener for her, but still, she could've checked things before and walked away before it got a little more messed up than it was.  Tut, tut, tut, attention.

Things aren't still going right for the folks at Friday Night Lights this week.   Apart from the victory, of course: Lyla (Minka Kelly) realizes she might not have much of a future after her father steps forward with his financial troubles, while Landry (Jesse Plemons) hits a dead end of sorts with Tyra. Football-wise, J.D. gets into hot water when he meets a girl at school.  And Matt? Maybe he'll have to spill his secrets.  That's tonight from 9pm on NBC.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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