Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.8 "New York, New York"
Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.8 "New York, New York"
I am going to get very, very annoyed at Friday Night Lights' Joe McCoy.   Look, sir, your son, as you claim, is the greatest quarterback ever. I don't have any qualms about that.   But please, sir, let him be!  Like everybody else, he has to make mistakes and look foolish once in a while.  (Streak!)   One needs to let go just a little bit just to ease into a new environment, and that's what your son is doing.  Instead, you act all weird, doing this thing at the church, and then, during that crucial game, you start asking too much from him.  He delivers, but where are you, sir?

I don't know.   Must be my sense of whatever resembles family values kicking in. I absolutely couldn't wrap my finger around that.  I understand Jamarcus' parents, their abrupt decision to pull their son out of the Panthers when they find out he's actually part of the team.  There's a fine line between freaking out and freaking out too much.  Sir, I hope you know what to do.

But what do I know?  I'm not a parent.  I'm far from being one.

Jason (Scott Porter).  Okay.  He suddenly wants to become a sports agent.  I understand he's on his way out but I can't help but think there's a weird serenity to these events.  How hard could it be, you once wondered, to sell a house for under $300,000.  I understand the somewhat fatalistic sense, the feeling that you're absolutely certain about the things that you'll do, but it just feels weird from you.

Devon?   Don't play with Landry (Jesse Plemons) like that.  Pssssh.

Okay.  I've been complaining too much, but last week's episode was pretty good.   Tonight, we continue Jason's swan song, as he finally heads to New York to pursue that chance to become a sports agent, and perhaps get his family back.  For good measure, he drags Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) with him.  He won't be the only one torn between two things: Tyra (Adrienne Palecki) goes Cash versus her college aspirations, and Eric (Kyle Chandler) goes Tami's (Connie Britton) wanting to buy a house versus a coaching vacancy.  As for Matt (Zach Gilford)?  Well, I don't know what happened to him.  Friday Night Lights returns tonight from 9pm on NBC.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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