Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.6 "It's Not Easy Being J.D. McCoy"
Friday Night Lights: Previewing Episode 3.6 "It's Not Easy Being J.D. McCoy"
Let's start with a totally unrelated note, and let me talk about cookies.  Well, this won't be long—it's just that, well, there was a time when I preferred chocolate chip cookies, and then there was a time when I preferred double chocolate cookies.  (The sugar will kill me, yes.)  In a fit of surrealism, I wondered about what the chocolate chips feel when I gobble up the double chocolates.  Do they feel bad or anything? A nd is the double chocolate any happier about its favorite status?

Insert forced segue to tonight's episode of Friday Night Lights, in which we finally train the spotlight on that purported star quarterback J.D. McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter).  The past few episodes, we've seen his parents talk him up so much, and when Eric (Kyle Chandler) finally decides to try him out, things have become a little more complicated.  There's the problem of making him work with the team, compromising on what's already established while making sure the team makes the most out of everything.  There's Matt (Zach Gilford), the former star of the team, who's trying to console himself last week, saying that his half-gone star status is really supposed to be temporary.

And then there's J.D. himself—he did prove himself in last week's game, but the scrutiny on him must hurt, right?  As tonight's episode is called, it's not easy being J.D. McCoy.

In that same fit of surrealism, I thought the double chocolate felt bad because it's being gobbled up like crazy. Perhaps the same goes for J.D.  Heck, tonight he'll fall victim to freshman hazing—expected for some, but not likable for all.  Of course, there's always the game, and it's another chance for him to finally gain the respect of the team, the school, and ultimately the whole of Dillon.  Must be hard when you've been positioned as this very good guy from the start.

And what about Matt?  Shunted to a lower rank of sorts, he finds himself getting closer to Julie (Aimee Teegarden) after spending the night by the lake.  The opposite goes to Tyra (Adrienne Palicki) and Cash (Zach Roerig)—they drift further apart when a detail from the past gets uncovered. Told you, there is such a thing as pressure for taking chances.  It always is.

Friday Night Lights returns tonight from 9pm on NBC.  And, next week, I'll try my best not to use cookies as a metaphor.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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