Friday Night Lights: Preview of Scott Porter's Final Episode
Friday Night Lights: Preview of Scott Porter's Final Episode
The pilot episode of Friday Night Lights ended with an emotional shocker, when star quarterback Jason Street was horribly injured and paralyzed in the middle of a football game.  The town of Dillon, Texas rallied around their fallen hero, often supporting him as he struggled with his paralysis and the loss of his NFL dreams.  We've watched Jason experience a lot of ups and downs over the past three seasons, but now it seems that he's finally finding his path in life.  Tonight's new episode, entitled "New York, New York," finds Jason going to the Big Apple to look into a career as a sports agent.  The sure to be emotional installment marks Scott Porter's final appearance on the series, so grab some tissues before tuning in tonight.

Entertainment Weekly recently posted a review of tonight's Friday Night Lights, and aside from giving it an "A-" overall, they mentioned that it's going to be a heart-wrenching hour of television.  The review reads: "A month back, Smash (Gaius Charles) high-stepped his way out of Dillon, and tonight another ex-Panther — Jason Street — says goodbye.  The paralyzed former phenom heads to New York City in pursuit of a job and a family, but it will take more than a cheap suit to make it in the Big Apple.  His teary exit — hell, even Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) gets a little choked up — continues a strong and satisfying third season that has more than made up for last year's sophomore slump.  Too bad those without a satellite dish will have to wait until 2009 to enjoy it.  And trust me, you will."

EW's Michael Ausiello also weighed in on "New York, New York," calling the episode "a work of freakin' art."  The promo for tonight's episode promises that "Dillon changes forever," and also shows that Jason may not have an easy time finding a job in New York.  The installment also finds Coach and Tami having money problems, Tyra making a huge mistake, and Matt coming up with an interesting solution to his QB problem.

The new episode of Friday Night Lights airs tonight at 9pm on DirecTV.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: Entertainment Weekly, DirecTV
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