Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.7 "Keeping Up Appearances" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.7 "Keeping Up Appearances" Recap
Last week's episode of Friday Night Lights gave us our first real glimpse into the not-so-charmed life of J.D. McCoy.  The kid wants to fit in with his fellow Panthers, but the fact that his dad is a Football Nazi makes socializing impossible.  While Tim showed J.D. how to have a drunken good time in Dillon, Matt (Zach Gilford) and Julie spent a night on the beach that may or may not have ended with sex.  In addition to those romantic shenanigans, Landry met a pixieish guitar player named Devon, and Tyra discovered that Cash has a delusional stalker.  Maybe she can give him advice on how to kill someone and hide the body.

This week on Friday Night Lights, Landry learns some surprising news about Devon, and Jason makes a major decision regarding his future.

This week's episode kicks off with Tami (Connie Britton) and Eric visiting the McCoys' mansion for dinner.  Coach feels awkward every time he's around Joe, mainly because he doesn't agree with the way the man treats his son.  After dinner, Eric lets the uptight Mr. McCoy know that the scene he made at the church last week was completely unnecessary.  Joe is nice enough to apologize, but he still thinks he was doing the only thing he could to keep J.D. in line.

Tim has been receiving recruitment letters from various colleges, but Billy's not sure what to do with them.  He knows his brother isn't college material, but Jason (Scott Porter) advises he throw together a highlight reel of Tim's best games.  Send it off to the schools, and they just might have some interest in Riggins.  Later that day, Jason meets with his roommates, telling them that he wants to sell the house for $295,000 now that it's all fixed up.  "How hard can it be?" he asks.  Ah, famous last words.

Tami meets with the parents of a kid named Jamarcus, who's the starting fullback for the Panthers.  Jamarcus has been getting into a lot of trouble lately, and though Tami is worried about his future, his parents think they've got it handled.  However, they're shocked to learn that their son is on the football team, so obviously they haven't been paying much attention to his activities.  After learning that he forged their signatures on the permission slip, they decide to pull him off the team.  Eric (Kyle Chandler) is pissed when his wife tells him this news, saying that he should have been part of the disciplinary process.

Devon tries to help Landry (Jesse Plemons) get over his Tyra blues by instigating a sing-along, but there's no rescuing him from his funk.  After school, Landry decides to do something about his bad mood by planting a kiss on Devon.  It may have "rebound" written all over it, but he's still happy to have someone new in his life.  Landry visits Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) at Applebee's later to tell her that he's now completely over her.  He hopes they can be friends again, which she thinks is a great idea.

Am I the only one who forgot that Lyla (Minka Kelly) has a younger brother and sister?  They're visiting from California, but they're not exactly thrilled to be back in the swinging town of Dillon.  Buddy tries his best to bond with Tabby and Little Buddy, but she thinks Texas is awful and he thinks football is stupid.  When Tabby tells her dad that a real father wouldn't have cheated on his wife, Buddy flips out and storms off.  Lyla tracks him down later and tells him they're just being brats, but he thinks he deserves their hatred for what he's done.  "You've still got me," Lyla reminds him.

Eric and Tami go to Jamarcus' house to talk some sense into his parents, but they claim they're not football people.  They don't want their son wasting his time and energy on something so useless.  When it becomes clear that Eric's words won't change their minds, Tami jumps in to save the day.  She advises they come to the game Friday night to see Jamarcus in his element, and they agree to think it over.  Reason number 3,296,087 why Tami is the best wife ever.

Landry asks Devon if she wants to hang out after band practice, but he doesn't get the response he's looking for.  Instead of offering a romantic declaration and a squeal over the prospect of visiting the Alamo Freeze, Devon tells him she's a lesbian.  She only kissed him back to be polite, and also to be 100 percent certain that she doesn't have a hetero bone in her body.  Yes, Landry's lips convinced her of her gayness.  Landry talks to Tami later and admits that he feels like he repels females.  Tami, who's also a fantastic guidance counselor in addition to being a great wife, reminds him that his life just beginning.  She promises that he'll get plenty of ladies once he goes to college.

Jason, Herc, Billy and Tim (Taylor Kitsch) get dressed up to hold an open house, but they can't find anyone who wants to pay $295,000.  When Herc accuses Jason of waving his baby around like a gun every time a decision needs to be made, a wheelchair fight breaks out.  It's like murderball all over again.  Billy is forced to break them up while Tim tries to hide the spectacle from potential buyers.  Jason begs Herc to trust him about the price of the house, reminding him that they all need money for various reasons.

At the game Friday night, Jason meets a sports agent who's based out of New York.  The guy found his dream job when he realized his arm wasn't strong enough for football, which gives Jason an idea.  Could Street become the next Jerry Maguire?  During the game, J.D. throws a pass that's intercepted, causing his dad to scream at him when he walks off the field.  Eric pulls the kid into his office and tries to give him a pep talk, but J.D. says that his dad just wants him to succeed.

Eric advises J.D. not to pay attention to his father while he's on the field, and suddenly the Panthers make an awesome comeback.  J.D. saves the day, and the Panthers win the game thanks to a final pass caught by Jamarcus.  "You looked good out there," Jamarcus' dad tells him after he walks off the field.  Unfortunately, Joe isn't as kind to J.D.  He storms off after the game and leaves the boy to hang out with his mom.

While some parents in Dillon may be slightly insane, Buddy isn't one of them.  He takes Tabby and Little Buddy to the big game, and afterward is happy to find that they actually enjoyed themselves.  Meanwhile, Landry assures Devon that everything is alright between them, and Jason receives word that someone has made an offer on the house.  He gathers with Lyla, Herc and the Riggins boys that night to check out Tim's highlight reel, which features touching interviews with Eric and Billy that make me get a little misty-eyed.  It's impossible not to shed a manly tear when Billy admits that watching his brother win State was the best moment of his life.

As Friday Night Lights wraps up, Jason asks Lyla if she thinks he'd make a good sports agent.  "I think you'd make a great sports agent," she tells him, realizing that he's really going to leave town.  Jason admits that he's ready to head to New York and start a new life for himself, which is a journey we'll see more of next week.  I predict more manly tears are inevitable.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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