Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.5 "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.5 "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" Recap
We were forced to say goodbye to Smash (Gaius Charles) during last week's Friday Night Lights, but that wasn't the only emotional part of the episode.  Landry had his heart broken by Tyra, who fell for a hunky rodeo stud named Cash, and Matt had to deal with hotshot new quarterback J.D. McCoy.  Proving that things aren't any easier for the adults in Dillon, Tami struggled to stand up for her decision regarding the JumboTron. In the end, she had to accept defeat and allow Buddy to have his giant scoreboard.

This week on Friday Night Lights, Jason and Herc try to buy a house with the Riggins boys, and Eric finally decides between Matt and J.D.

Eric (Kyle Chandler) chose to alternate both quarterbacks in last week's episode, and now we see that the strategy is backfiring.  Neither Matt or J.D. is doing their best in the big game, and the Panthers can't afford two losses in a row.  Coach sends J.D. out on the field alone to do his thing, allowing him to work his magic and score a few touchdowns.  Eric lets Matt go in to score the game-winning points, but it's too late.  J.D. is the big star now.

You'd think Julie (Aimee Teegarden) would be smart enough not to defy her parents at this point, but instead she went out and got a tattoo on her ankle without telling them.  Tami and Eric are furious, and it doesn't help when she reveals Tyra's involvement in the decision.  Meanwhile, Jason is trying to hide Herc's porn before his baby stops by for a visit, which leads to Herc's best line ever: "Babies love vaginas, man!  They just took a trip through one.  It's like looking at a postcard."  Erin drops off little baby Noah, and though Jason wants her to move in, she can't think of anything long-term at the moment.

Tim (Taylor Kitsch) must have seen Flipping Out on Bravo, because he knows a thing or two about flipping houses for profit.  Jason needs a get-rich-quick idea to provide for the baby, and since Post-It notes are already invented, Tim suggests he buy Buddy's old house, spruce it up, then flip it for some cash.  Tim even offers some of the copper wire money as a down payment.  Who knew Riggins had such a brain for business?  The boys talk to Billy later and successfully convince him to invest his cash, but only after making him think he's a "visionary."

The coaches are having trouble forming plays around both Matt and J.D., so Mac stands up to Eric and tells him that J.D. is the only quarterback they need.  Coach stops by Matt's house later and explains that he's going to be second-string on Friday, which poor Matt (Zach Gilford) barely reacts to.  He drives to school with Landry (Jesse Plemons) the next day, who is drowning his sorrows over Tyra by blasting power ballads.  Unfortunately, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is not part of the rotation.

I'm a little bit upset with Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) at the moment, and so is Tami.  This is the year she has to get her academics in order, but she's been faltering since she met Cash.  Dammit Tyra, don't let the rodeo clown bring you down!  Tami tells her that the relationship is "a one way ticket to nowhere," which isn't what Tyra wants to hear.  When she meets with Cash at the Alamo Freeze later, he's all charming once again, but he keeps popping pain pills like they're candy.

Jason (Scott Porter) stops by Erin's place to watch Noah and tell her the news about the house.  Meanwhile, Tim and Billy meet with Guy, the crazy drug dealer from season 2, to sell the copper wire.  Not only does he want to offer them a paltry amount of cash, but he also insults Mindy, forcing Billy to punch him in the face.  The Riggins boys speed off in their truck while Guy shoots at them.   Jason and Herc head to the bank the next day to get a loan, which gets approved thanks to Street's star status.  Unfortunately, they need the copper wire money to get things going.  Herc thinks he might know a guy willing to buy the wire, so they meet with him and get $20,000 for the goods.

Matt's mom wants to move to Dillon to help him with his grandma, but he's too broken up over the football situation to care.  Meanwhile, Tyra ditches class to hang out with Cash, who takes her to see a newborn baby calf.  Is it possible he's not such a bad guy after all, or are those pills going to lead to trouble?  Later that night, Tami and Eric talk with Julie about her tattoo.  Tami is ready to drag her to San Antonio to get it removed, because her daughter's ankle belongs to her until she turns 18.

Tim, Billy, Herc and Jason start downing shots to celebrate the house, but they don't have it just yet.  Buddy has no desire to sell to that "clown car of idiots."  The next day, Tyra tells Tami that she's wrong about Cash, and for her sake I hope it turns out to be true.  While Tyra promises to get her priorities in order, Matt explodes at Coach over his decision to start J.D.  Matt threatens to quit the team, but Eric won't allow it.

Buddy explains to Jason that he doesn't want the daughter-snatching Tim Riggins living in his old house.  Jason refuses to take no for an answer, and convinces Buddy after reminding him that he's not selling to Tim, but to star quarterback Jason Street.  Jason invites Erin to see the house, but she's planning to move back east with her parents and the baby.  Tim sees her drive off in tears, but Jason still tries to tell him everything is fine.

On the road to San Antonio, Tami (Connie Britton) opens up to Julie and tells her that she almost dropped out of high school when she was a teenager.  She used to be quite the wild child until she met Eric, so she knows how dangerous that path can be.  After Julie promises her that she's not going to become a girl gone wild, Tami decides they can go back home.  Julie will be getting the tattoo removed on her own by the time she's 30 anyway.

Grandma Saracen blows up at Matt's mom after she buys the wrong groceries, but Matt goes easy on her.  As Friday Night Lights comes to an end, Matt tells his mom all about his issues on the football team.  He knows he was only put in a starting position because Jason got paralyzed, so he thinks he can handle being second-string.  On next week's episode, we'll learn that life is tough even for a star quarterback like J.D. McCoy.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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