Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.10 " The Giving Tree" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 3.10 " The Giving Tree" Recap
Last week on Friday Night Lights, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) finally ditches Cash with the help of Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami (Connie Britton). Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) decided he was finally going to take his future seriously and decides to go to San Antonio State. Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) becomes the hero of the minute, which excited both Lorraine and Shelby. The Riggins boys are happy with both Lyla (Minka Kelly) and Mindy and we'll see if that lasts.

Tyra finally realizes that her little expedition might impede her chances of getting into college. She complains to Julie about it and Julie suggests that she gets Landry (Jesse Plemons) to help her study. Maybe her studying will be affected by Madison's little “My parents are gone so let's get irresponsible” soiree. JD McCoy shows up at the party and Madison takes an interest in him. Too bad he doesn't drink because that had drunken hook up written all over it

Buddy invested seventy thousand dollars in a strip mall and evidently it didn't quite work out. Once informed all his money is gone, he starts a brawl in The Landing Strip and ends up causing thirty thousand dollars in damage. He gets thrown in jail overnight and charged with an account of bring drunk and disorderly. Eric comes by the jail to ask the obvious, “What the hell happened?” Buddy's not too excited to share the details so he tries to avoid the subject with talk of Friday night's game. He asks Eric to have Tami go by and let Lyla know what's going on. Tami offers her a bed at the Taylor house for the night if she wants it.

Since Tami's off at Lyla's, she asks Coach Taylor to go get Julie over at Matt's (Zach Gilford) house. He walks in to find Jules (Aimee Teegarden) in Saracen's bed and he's not pleased to say the least. Lucky for her, Lyla's presence will tone down the parental screaming.

Eric breaks the news to Tami. Tami seems more mortified that Eric was the one to walk in than anything else. Julie admits to Lyla that she feels like she's “not Daddy's little girl anymore.” In the morning, Tami confronts Julie abut the experience and when Tami flounders, Julie tries to end the conversation. Her punishment will be to have a conversation with her mother. Matt's struggling even more with the idea considering he doesn't want to go over to the Taylor's ever again. Tami and Julie's talk is beyond awkward but truly shows what a wonderful mother Tami is. She sticks to the important issue: making sure he daughter is safe and honest.

When Buddy gets home, Lyla demands an explanation. He finally owns up to what happened. Looks like Friday Night Lights is mirroring our economic depression. Lyla takes things in stride until her dad admits that he used all of her college money for the ‘investment.' He confession causes her to storm out to go to Tim's place.

Madison unexpectedly drops by JD McCoy's house. Mr. McCoy is not happy. He makes JD promise to stop chasing ‘skirts.' Daddy McCoy says it's important to keep his head in the game. When Madison tries to talk to him, he tells her they need to “cool it off for right now.” Riggins tells him he needs to start acting like the leader he is.

Tyra pops in on Landry's band practice to ask him if he'll help her with her SAT studying. He, of course, says yes. He finally yells at her for being selfish and taking advantage of him because he loves her. He compares her to the boy and himself to the tree in the story The Giving Tree. When Tyra complains to Julie, Julie points out that Landry worships the ground that she walks on and that he wasn't that far off the mark. In order to prove Landry wrong, Tyra goes to TC's in town and gets them to agree to give Crucifictorious a gig.

Matt comes by to pick up Julie for the movies because Julie had told him to “man up.” Tami takes him to the back porch so he can say hi to Coach Taylor. Well, that was nice of her. Looks like the women in this situation are the ones with balls. Eric tells Matt, “Women are to be respected.”

Buddy goes to Riggin's and pulls Lyla out of the house. He doesn't seem to be taking Eric's advice. When he mentions her mother, she freaks out on him telling him it was his fault she left. When she walks back into the house, Tim comes out and tells Buddy that he needs to leave.

Dillon loses their referee appeal but Coach Taylor warns his team to keep their heads down. The referees are ignoring late hits left and right. Coach Taylor tries to get the referees to do something and gets ejected when he calls the ref a “no-calling son of a b*tch.” Taylor's visibly hurting while watching his team win from the sidelines. Everyone congratulates Wade Aikman for pulling off the win.

In the final moments, Mrs. McCoy confronts Mr. McCoy about telling JD to not go on the date. To her pleasure and his disappointment, they both look out the window to find JD sneaking out to meet Madison. The crew goes by to see Landry's band. When Julie notes that Landry looks cute on stage, Tyra seems to finally get it. Of hopefully gets it. Buddy calls Lyla but she doesn't answer and seems perfectly content in Riggin's arms.

Next week, the situation with Lyla's father start to affect her relationship with Riggins.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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