Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.8 "Seeing Other People" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.8  "Seeing Other People" Recap
Previously on Friday Night Lights, Tim, needing a place to stay, moves in with Guy, the ferret guy. Eric shows signs of jealousy over Tami's friendship with Glenn. Carlotta, the nurse, teaches Matt how to dance for Pantherama performance, and Landry tells Tyra about his dad setting the car on fire.

This episode begins with the Panthers getting killed on the football field. Everyone is ticked off except for Smash. He's flying high and gloating about his upcoming recruiting trip. Tami's sister, Shelly, calls Tami's attention to Julie being at the game with her teacher.

Matt's girlfriend, Lauren, invites him to stay the night, but he puts her off with the excuse that his grandma is expecting him. When he gets home, he tries to make a move on Carlotta, but she tells him that nothing happened and that she will not talk about it.

Smash's mama tells him that she's not happy with his college choice. She says it's a party school and she doesn't see him getting a good education there. Of course he scoffs and makes faces at her. She then tells him that regardless of all that, he needs to remember that he represents his family when he's there.

At school, Tim asks Tami to please talk to Eric about getting him back on the team, she makes no promises, but agrees to talk to him. A female police officer calls Tyra out of class. It seems that her attacker's brother wants to meet with all the victims and attempt to make amends. She asks Tyra if she'll agree to meet with him and Tyra agrees.

Eric opens the door of Tami's office and finds Glen all sprawled out on the couch and them giggling. He's not happy. She picks this time to attempt to talk to him about Tim and Glenn butts in. Eric asks Glenn to leave so that he can talk to his wife for a few minutes. When Glenn leaves, Tami tells Eric that she needs a night out. Eric thinks she's talking about a romantic evening out, but she's talking about Bunco night.

At the college, Smash meets some of the football players. They all seem nice and happy to meet him. All of them except this big guy who happens to be the nose guard. He's not pleasant and storms off. The others tell him not to worry about it, he's always pissed off.

Tim is at his new place feeding the ferrets. His roomie is walking around in his tighty whiteys, and believe me, it's not a pleasant sight. Tim tells him how much he's missing football, and Guy tells him that there is more to life than football. They agree to go hunting the next day.

Julie basically accosts Noah in the hallway to return a book that he loaned her. He's professional about it ... it's all her, it seems. Tami observes and once Julie is gone, she asks Noah into an empty classroom, but doesn't shut the door. She starts out by asking him why he loaned that book to Julie. Tami feels that the book is too adult, too salacious for her daughter to be reading. She then reads him the riot act over what she considers his inappropriate behavior with her daughter, ie closed classroom doors, touching while talking, etc. She threatens him with getting him fired and/or beat up if she finds out that he's touched her daughter. Unfortunately, some kids are standing in the hall listening to this.

Tyra tells Landry about the meeting and that she doesn't want to go. He offers to go in her place.

Julie learns of her mother's confrontation with Noah. Of course the truth is embellished because that's what teenagers do and it gets to her that her mom went off on Noah in front of the entire school. She storms into her mother's office and acts like the brat that she is.

Smash is taken out for a night on the town. There is alcohol and loose women in abundance.

Landry goes to the meeting for Tyra and meets her attacker's brother. When asked what he thinks to accomplish, the brother apologizes and makes Landry see the attacker as somebody's brother and not just a monster.

Tim and Guy go hunting. When they return, Guy sends Tim into the convenience store for beer and cold medicine. When questioned about the cold medicine, Guy just says he feels a cold coming on.

At the Saracen house, Matt and Carlotta are kissing when Lauren interrupts. Carlotta goes into her room, but she's conflicted. When Matt finally gets rid of Lauren, Carlotta doesn't want to pick up where they left off.

When Tami gets home after her night at Bunco, she tells Eric that Glenn won $100 and they went out afterwards for a beer. That didn't go over well and they argue about her relationship with Glenn. When he goes for a low blow and tells her that she needs to pay more attention to her family, she gets mad and banishes him to the couch.

Smash tells his hosts that he's made his decision. They invite him to pick a girl, any girl. The girl he picks turns out to be that noseguard's girlfriend. The noseguard bangs on the girls dorm room door while Smash and the girl are making out. He chases Smash, attired only in his boxers, out of the dorm, out in the street, and over a fence. He yells at Smash that he'd better find another school.

Smash calls Matt to pick him up and bring him some clothes. In the car, on the way back, Matt asks him how to break up with a girl. Smash tells him that he's never broken up with a girl. He just tells her that he wants an open relationship, and the girl ends up breaking up with him. Matt tries that with Lauren later and she does break up with him.

Lyla and some friends are having Bible study in the diner and Landry overhears. Lyla sees him and goes to talk to him because she says that he looks upset. They have a talk about good vs. bad Christians, doing the right thing, Faith, and telling the truth. She tells him that telling the truth can't be wrong.

Back at Tim's new place, he accidentally finds Guy's meth lab. When Guy finds him there, he threatens him. That was it.

Tim finds and puts on his uniform and goes to practice. Eric commands him to get off his field and to take off his uniform. He tells him that not only did he let Eric down, he let himself and his teammates down. Instead of leaving as ordered to, Tim goes up to his teammates individually and apologizes to them, cracks jokes with Smash and Matt, and then apologizes to the team. Eric tells him that his penance is not over, but to get into formation.

Back at the Taylor home that evening,, Tami is home alone when Eric gets in. She tells him that she just can't not have a friend at work to laugh and joke with for 20 minutes a day. He tells her that it's not really about Glenn, but that he wants to be the one she laughs and jokes with. He tells her that he misses her and she tells him that she misses him. They hug and make up.

When Matt gets home, he tells Carlotta that he broke up with Lauren. At first, she asks why he's telling her. He tells her that he couldn't be with Lauren because he thought about her all the time and wanted to be with her. Then he goes into his room and lays on his bed. After a bit, she goes into his room and they begin to kiss and make out.

The final scene of this episode of Friday Night Lights has Landry walking alone down a long corridor. He then enters an office at the police station and announces that he needs to talk to someone about the murder because he did it.

Next week on Friday Night Lights looks to be all about Landry. Was it murder or was it self-defense? He confesses on video tape, but we hear his dad in the background saying things like he heard Tyra screaming and then his dad interrupts the interrogation and pulls him out.

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