Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.7 "Pantherama" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.7 "Pantherama" Recap
This episode of Friday Night Lights begins early in the morning on the first day that college recruiters can talk to athletes and Smash's phone is already ringing off the hook. He's gotten two calls before the show is 2 minutes old and his mama ain't happy.

Tim's brother, sensitive person that he is, brings Tim's ex into the house. He makes a smart aleck comment and Tim decides to leave. She tells him that he shouldn't leave because it's his house. How come she didn't think about that before she walked in there with Billy? Anyway, he packs his stuff and shows up on Tyra's doorstep. He asks her if he can stay and she gives him 48 hours.

In school, Tammy meets Noah Barnett, English teacher and faculty advisor for the school newspaper. She mistakes him for one of the kids. Eric talks to the football seniors about the recruiting process and reminds them of the rules. Landry tells Tyra about his dad and what happened with the car.

Smash's attention is caught by a coach from Miami Southern. Another Dillon kid is the current star up there and coincidentally his younger sister, Noel, who is a cute girl, is nearby to draw attention to herself and introduce herself officially to Smash.

Tammy corners Tyra and Lyla in the hallway. She asks them to help them with Pantherama, which is a community event focused on football that happens to be a big fundraiser. She wants them to take care of the entertainment. When they find excuses, she guilts them into it.

The newspaper staff is meeting to decide on feature articles for the next issue of the paper. Julie suggests an article on the upcoming Pantherama. She wants to do a critical piece on where the money goes, is the distribution fair, etc. Mr. Barnett tells her that she's just earned herself a feature article.

Eric sends Santiago in to talk to Tammy about his credits and classes. She finds out that his parents were both deported and that he's staying here with his uncle. When she wants to meet with the uncle to sign some papers, he tells her that he hasn't seen his uncle in 11 months.

Matt and Lauren are in the hallway talking about Matt wanting to look for a new car. She's very knowledgeable and offers to go with him and to help him negotiate a better deal. As they kiss, Julie walks by and gets upset.

She ducks into Mr. Barnett's room and vents to him. She makes it sound like she's the victim here. I don't recall hearing how she basically blew Matt off and how she cheated on him. I only saw a bitter little girl whining about the big football player and his cheerleader girlfriend breaking her heart. He's very supportive and it looks like there may be something starting here ...

Tammy and Eric discuss the Santiago situation. He's worried about the eligibility issue and she's worried about the kid being alone.

Another coach from a HBCU is at Smash's house talking to him and to his mother. This coach offers Smash a full tuition scholarship to his school, however it's academic, not athletic. It's a very good school and his mother is impressed, but the football team stinks and they have not had a player signed by the NFL, so Smash is not impressed. Smash is borderline rude to this coach and basically blows him off.

Eric brings Buddy in to see Tammy about Santiago. Buddy offers to let Santiago live with him. Tammy fusses at Eric about this. She accuses him of only thinking of football instead of finding this kid a family and that they need to go through Social Services.

Lyla and Tyra are having a hard time getting volunteers for the Pantherama. Since the football team usually participates, they decide to walk right into the football locker room. Amazingly, two cute girls in a football locker room get plenty of volunteers.

Julie and Mr. Barnett discuss her article. He says it's good, but wordy. She apparently has three paragraphs complaining about the pep squad. Sounds like more of her bitterness coming out ... and now she has an outlet for it. Oh joy.

Smash has invited Noel to dinner with the family. She spends the meal talking up Miami Southern and what they can do for him. She mentions that her brother got a porsche by playing the recruiters off on each other. Mrs. Williams keeps asking about the academics at the school, but is not getting any answers and she's not thrilled.

Later she and Smash argue about recruiting. She wants him to get a good education and he thinks of college as just a stepping stone to the NFL. He's got these big dreams and she's trying, unsuccessfully, to keep him grounded.

Lyla and Tyra are practicing a dance routine with their football player volunteers. It's really funny. Lyla started with a typical straight routine, but with Tyra and the player's input, it's turned into something completely different.

Julie and Mr. Barnett are sitting in his classroom chatting. He's at his desk and she's sitting on it. They look quite chummy. Tammy walks in to give him some keys he needed and she doesn't look pleased at what she sees.

Matt is at home practicing their dance routine. He's really stiff and uncomfortable looking. His grandmother's nurse walks in and offers to help him. She works with him, getting him to loosen up and relax. Looks like there's something going on here, too .... doesn't he have a girlfriend?

Smash walks into his kitchen and hugs his mom. He tells her that he's officially telling the coach from the HBCU no. He tells her that they want different things and that he doesn't want her at any more of his recruiting meetings. When she asks him if this is because of Noel, he tells her no.

Tammy talks to Buddy about Santiago. He's had such a rough life, between foster care and juvenile detention facilities. She is leery about putting him back into the foster care system, but she wants Buddy to be very aware of what he's committing himself to. He seems sincere in his offer to care for Santiago.

Mrs. Williams goes to see Eric in his office. She's ticked. She complains that Eric promised the parents that the coaching staff would keep this recruiting under control. She tells him how all the recruiters are talking about Smash going pro, and no one is talking about an education. She reminds him that Smash doesn't have a father to talk about this with and asks for his help.

That night is Pantherama and it looks like everyone in town is going. Julie is being a pain, as usual, complaining that this is going to be Grace's 1st social event. She calls Mr. Barnett by his first name, Noah, in front of her parents and Tammy calls her on it. Eric then takes this opportunity to tell her that she needs to be more balanced in her reporting.

The football players come out to do their little routine. It's really funny. It starts out as a typical group dance routine and turns into a striptease.

Matt's grandmother found it quite entertaining. When he walks her and her nurse to the car afterwards, he thanks the nurse for her help and then he kisses her. She tells him that she'll see him back at the house as he has to stay and help clean up. The next morning, the nurse is very flirtatious. They trade small touches and glances ... what the heck???

Eric interrupts Smash and the Miami Southern coach at the diner having breakfast. Eric reminds them that the coach can't buy that breakfast and asks what's going on. The Miami Southern coach promptly leaves and Eric fusses at Smash. He reminds him about what he needs to be doing and tells him that he's there for him. Then he makes sure that Smash has the money to buy his own breakfast.

Tonight's episode of Friday Night Lights ends with Eric and Tammy getting Santiago settled into Buddy's new apartment. Buddy keep apologizing to Santiago about the room being small, the desk being small and things like that. Santiago tells Buddy that the bed in his new room is the first real bed he's ever had ...

In two weeks on Friday Night Lights, Landry reaches the breaking point and confesses to the police.

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