Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.6 "How Did I Get Here" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.6  "How Did I Get Here" Recap
This episode of Friday Night Lights begins with The Three Musketeers (Lyla, Jason and Tim) driving back to Dillon from Mexico. Jason turns 19 soon and he's having an identity crisis of sorts. This will be a recurring thing for him throughout the episode.

At the Taylor home, it's Tammy's first day back at work. She's getting antsy waiting for her sister, Shelly, to get there to help out with Gracie. The mail has arrived and with it Eric's first check. When they open it, they discover that it is way short of what they expected. When asked, Eric tells Tammy that he just assumed that he'd be paid the same as before. She tells him that he needs to get that taken care of.

When Eric goes to the car dealership to ask Buddy about it, Buddy is having some sort of hog wild promotion sale and part of the festivities include a hog wrangling contest or something. Buddy's new discovery, does a great job. Buddy tells Eric that the booster club's funds are depleted right now what with paying off McGregor and getting him back. Okay, I'm confused here ... what does Buddy Garrity and the booster club have to do with his salary? I'm in Texas and every coach I know has his salary paid by the school district. There are very strict rules about what they can use booster club money for, and a coach's salary is not on the list.

Anyway ... Tim has decided that he wants back on the team. When he gets to the locker room, though, he discovers that his locker has been cleaned out. When he asks Eric, he's told that since he decided to miss a week of practice, he's off the team and to get off the field.

In the hallway, a new girl, Lauren, introduces herself to Matt. She's kinda cute and he's very flattered.

Buddy brings his new discovery, Santiago, to the coaches' office and gets Eric and his staff to work him out. He's strong and fast, but he can't catch worth a lick. He's new to the school, has never played organized sports. When Eric asks where he came from, he's told that he just got out of juvenile detention.

Mr. Clark, Landry's dad, asks Landry what's going on with him. Seems he's melancholy and won't eat. Landry tells his dad about Tyra dumping him.

At the Taylor home, Shelly is causing some dissent between Julie and Tammy. She's brought her some inappropriate clothing and has offered to take her to South America with her next time she goes. Tammy sad, says that was supposed to be her trip before the baby.

Eric goes to see Jason. He tells him that he needs him to help coach. He needs someone that he can trust.

Lyla goes to see Tim. She asks him to help Santiago. He scoffs, tells her that he's not on the team and asks why he should help someone else get on it. She tries to guilt him into it by reminding him of the favor she did him, but it doesn't work.

Buddy and his associate, I would imagine it was someone in school administration, but in Dillon, who knows, tell Eric that there is no more coaching money. He does, however, have Athletic Director funds. They assure him that he won't have to do much, that it's just a title, but that the money will bring him close to what he was making before. They assure him that this is only temporary.

Tim and his brother go to see Tammy. She tells them that on his jaunt, he missed 2 exams and a term paper. He needs to make those up if he plans on graduating. All Tim's brother seems to be worried about is Tim being kicked off the team and he asks Tammy to intervene with her husband. She turns him down and they simply leave her office.

At the police station, the Dillon police department has called in a Midland officer to help them with the murder investigation. They tell Landry's dad that the coroner found car seat fibers in the zipper of the dead guys jacket and think they are from the killer's car. When they tell him what kind of car the fibers may have come from, he gets a worried look on his face.

After a horrible practice, with him getting knocked on his butt almost every play, Smash goes to Eric's office and asks him to reinstate Tim. Eric tells him no and kicks him out of his office. Smash then goes to visit Tim. He invites him to dinner to talk some sense into him.

Julie goes to Matt's job and apologizes to him for everything she's done. She looks quite tearful and tells him that she hopes that at some point they can be friends again. He tells her that he hopes they can to.

Landry's dad is waiting for him when he gets home. He tells Landry what the detectives found and tells his son to trust him and tell him if something is going on. Landry breaks down and tells his dad what happened. Mr. Clark tells him that they need to take a drive and to get into his car and follow him. They drive out to the middle of nowhere and Mr. Clark pours gasoline all over the car and sets it on fire. Wow ... just wow ...

At Jason's birthday party, they are all sitting around and watching film from Jason's glory days. Lauren is also there and she's hanging all over Matt. Later in the car, Matt and Lauren are kissing and Julie walks by the car and sees them. She's really upset and she goes off with Tyra. Their plans are to get ice cream and to watch Thelma and Louise. Excellent movie to watch when you're in an 'I hate men' mood.

The next day, Jason goes to Eric's office and brings him a box with all his tapes, trophies and stuff. He tells him to use it with the Freshmen and Sophomores. He's quitting coaching, says he needs to find the new Jason. Eric lets him know that he will hold on to his stuff until he comes back to pick it up.

While Eric and some of the other football coaches are shooting the breeze in Eric's office, the girls soccer coach bursts in and she's mad. She complains about the disparities in the programs, like the fact that they have 36 good footballs and she has one flat soccer ball and that Eric and his staff have nice new computers and she doesn't even have a phone. She informs him that she will be back in his office everyday until Coach Taylor, the Athletic Director, has ensured that her girls have everything they need. When she leaves, the other coaches razz Eric and he says that he's gonna kill Buddy.

Back at the Taylor home, Shelly disparages Tammy and her lifestyle. Tammy gets upset and tells her that she's just realized that although she loves her baby, she now has another 16+ years of child raising. Then Gracie will turn into Julie and be mean to her. When she begins to cry, Shelly apologizes and tells her that she's just compensating for her lonely, pathetic life. Tammy agrees with her and the sisters laugh and have a glass of wine.

This episode of Friday Night Lights ends fittingly enough on the football field. Tim is sitting on the bench, drinking a beer, when he sees Santiago come out and attempt some blocking drills. Tim gets up and gives him some pointers. Smash and Matt walk by, join them and they start running some plays. Eric walks by, stops to watch, then invites Santiago to join the team for practice the next morning. When Tim asks if he's back on the team, Eric says not by a long shot and walks off. Instead of storming off, Tim continues to work with the guys.

Next time on Friday Night Lights, the women take what they want and the boys put on a show.

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