Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.13 "Humble Pie" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.13 "Humble Pie" Recap
Friday Night Lights fans have been fortunate in that 15 episodes were shot before the start of the writers' strike. It's incredibly sad to see the season winding down, but I'm just so grateful that there are still a couple episodes left.

On tonight's Friday Night Lights, Jason Street (Scott Porter) needs to get a new transmission for car that would set him back $4000. Seeing as he only has $8000 to his name, he's in dire straits. Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) continues to act as the town benefactor and offers him a job at the dealership. The other salespeople aren't happy about adding Jason to their team because they are already overstaffed and he'll be encroaching on their commissions. He inadvertently steps on the toes of all the other salespeople, including bitchy blond who steals his first sale. (Turns out that bitchy blond pulled the wool over his eyes to get him to give up the sale.) Street vindicates himself by convincing the perennial Looky Lou to buy his dream car. And this portion of Friday Night Lights is brought to you by America's twisted and contradictory idea of what it means to be environmentally friendly.

Riggs' (Taylor Kitsch) old meth-head roommate and his gang o' thugs catch up with him and bash him in the head with a beer bottle for stealing their $3000. This is, what, the umpteenth time he gets beaten up? But he uses his run-in with the meth heads as an excuse to get Lyla (Minka Kelly) over to his house where he surprises her with a candlelit dinner. She walks out on him, but he runs after her and lays it all on the line: he loves her. Riggs is ever the victim, and she rejects him outright. Later, she shows her Christian charity by giving him the cash he needs to pay back the thugs, but promises that this is the last time she's coming over again.

Billy and Riggs go over to the meth house to return the money. Unfortunately, Billy is as hotheaded and stupid as Riggs is and gets into a scuffle with the thugs. Um, take note everyone: never try to punch out a meth addict who's pointing a gun at you. Ever.

Lyla's relationship with Matt Czuchry seems to be progressing nicely. She eventually tells him all about the skeletons in her closet involving sleeping with her paralyzed boyfriend's best friend, but it doesn't seem to faze Matt Czuchry. By the way, Matt Czuchry is doing a very convincing job at portraying Joel Osteen's successor.

Eric (Kyle Chandler), as the new athletic director of Dillon High School, is stressing out because they need a new girls' volleyball coach, and he strong-arms Tami (Connie Britton) to take the team. In a word, the team sucks. The best part of the team before Tami takes over is that Riggs is the ball boy. She recruits Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and her statuesque height to be the new spiker for the volleyball team, using the prospect of a great college application as bait. I love that there are now two coaches in the Taylor household. Naturally, Tyra rocks the volleyball court. The best part of all the volleyball scenes is when Tami tells Tyra to visualize something that just drives her crazy and then wail on the volleyball. She pretends that she's spiking Riggs' head and goes to town.

Julie (Aimee Teegarden) and Eric are in the bleachers, watching Tami's first game, and it's awesome to see the elder Taylors' roles reversed. While not quite as dynamic as the open field football scenes, the volleyball match is still pretty damn exciting. The Dillon underdogs eke out a victory, making their season record 1-7, as the ever cynical Julie points out.

Landry (Jesse Plemons) has a physics study buddy named Jean. She's brainy and has funky platinum blond dreads and way too hip for Dillon. Tyra gets way jealous, especially when they show up in her section at Applebee's. Matt (Zach Gilford) calls Brainy Chick "God's little gift to Landry." He and Brainy Chick bond over Christian power metal. It's adorable.

Smash gets arrested for assault after his altercation at the movie theater. Mama Smash advises him to cut a deal and plead guilty because that would get him off with just a misdemeanor. Smash's girlfriend comes by the Williams residence to apologize. While she's over, Smash's girlfriend answers a prank phone call from the white boy at the theater. Smash gets himself into even more hot water by shooting his mouth off to a reporter. And because of this, Eric is forced to suspend him for three games.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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