'Friday Night Lights' Casting News: Brea Grant to 'Heroes,' Jesse Plemons to 'Fear Itself'
Jesse Plemons and Brea Grant made quite the couple on Friday Night Lights.  Grant played Landry's rebound love interest during the second season of Friday Night Lights and made a pretty darn good impression on fans and TV executives alike.  Jesse Plemons has always been a fan favorite as Landry.  NBC is apparently a big fan of both.  Today, it has been announced that both Plemons and Grant have been cast in two different NBC franchises – one new and one old.  Brea Grant is joining the cast of Heroes next season, while Jesse Plemons will appear in an episode of NBC's summer anthology series Fear Itself

Brea Grant's casting is bigger news.  She will play a character named Joy on Heroes.  However, Joy will be better known as The Speedster.  I'm willing to bet you can guess what her powers are going to be.  She's going to be fast, really fast.  Think The Flash.  It's unclear the exact nature of her character, where she'll fit into the mythology or how significant a character she will be, but according to TV Guide, The Speedster is “quick on her feet — and adept at getting herself into and out of trouble."  Heroes fans should be very pleased with this news.

The anthology series Fear Itself is something NBC is banking on to be a big summer series.  As per the title, the show is a horror one, tamer than Showtime's Masters of Horror series, but in the same vein.  Plemons has been cast in an episode called “The Sacrifice.”  The episode will feature four on the run criminals (Plemons being one of them) who hide out in an abandoned fort.  The fort harbors dark secrets, including a few sirens.  Could be interesting.  Since this is only a one episode commitment, it won't interfere with Plemons work on the upcoming third season of Friday Night Lights

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TV Guide, Zap2It
(Image Courtesy of NBC)