Friday Night Lights Aftergasm: Love, Lies and Lines Crossed
Friday Night Lights Aftergasm: Love, Lies and Lines Crossed
This week on Friday Night Lights, the central themes of the series (family, duty and personal achievement) shone through brighter than ever in some story lines, while other story lines seemed to cross the road into the realm of darkness. While some characters displayed joy and love or an admirable sense of duty, other characters lied, fought and betrayed one another.

This week’s beacon of hope doesn’t come from Tami and Eric as it normally does. No, instead, Tim Riggins gets the man of the week award for his love and care of Lyla. Not only does he tenderly give her some space but he also does whatever he can to give her hope and happiness again. Knowing that talking to Buddy would not help her in any way, he asked Buddy to wait for Lyla to come to him. When her depression continues, he takes her to her family church in the hopes of the gospel bringing her some joy like it used to. The best moments, by far, where when you could tell that Tim has changed for the better

Since when did Tim Riggins need to convince someone else to get up to go to school? Since when was he the most supportive cute boyfriend ever? When he told Lyla that he’s madly in love with her and that he would support her in everything she does, an “awwww” ‘was heard around the world. My only hope is that they give Tim more and more sappy cute moments. Watching a bad boy share his feelings is so hot.

On the other side of things, our golden couple will have storms ahead. Eric’s lied to Tami about what he knows about the redistricting. Does Eric care enough about his team to keep this from Tami or does he just know it’ll happen with or without his and Tami’s interference? This conflict of interest has the potential to blow up in the happy couples’ faces and I, for one, am not excited to see it.

The biggest issue in this episode was Joe McCoy’s conflict with his son, JD. JD was clearly experiencing a little bit of adolescent rebellion under the strict regime of his father. Much like a dictator, Mr. McCoy took drastic action with his son’s uprising and ended up resorting to violence. Their family conflict out in the rain was absolutely terrifying, especially when juxtaposed with the relatively small problems of the loving Taylor family. JD and his mother are now faced with a decision that no family wants to face: whether to work things out with an abusive father or to walk away. Either way, things will not be easy for the McCoys and the family issues might start to bleed over into JD’s focus, which, ironically, was his father’s concern in the first place.

Matt Saracen deserves an honorable mention for the man of the week award for his touching sense of love and family with his grandmother. Mothers actually had a great week too, with Tyra’s mother being nothing but supportive and Saracen’s mom’s reconciliation with her son.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV, Staff Columnist
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