'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Men Win and the Women Lose
'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Men Win and the Women Lose
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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If Big Brother 15 was all about racism, then it's hard not to think Big Brother 16 is the season of misogyny. Joey was targeted in week 1 for daring to try and start an all-female alliance (even though it's perfectly fine for six guys to form an alliance on day 2). The vast majority of HoHs and all PoV winners have been men while, after this episode, three-quarters of all original nominees have been women. There was even a competition where the men were encouraged to throw Frisbees at the women.

This brings us to Sunday's episode of Big Brother 16, in which two more men become HoH and four of the six remaining women get put on the block. The cherry on top of this misogynist sundae is that the three men on Team America decide the biggest "physical threat" in the house is a woman. I'm not saying women are weak (Rachel Reilly is one of the biggest physical threats in the history of the game), but the idea that Amber is more of a physical threat than Caleb or Hayden is laughable and obviously absurd.

The HoH Competition

The HoH competition continues as the six teams of two race to transfer a dozen eggs through a fence. Caleb's "man hands" make it hard for him, while Victoria drops about 3,000 eggs. Zach and Amber are close, but in the end, Cody and Frankie win.

Derrick says that the Bomb Squad is dead, but he still plans on working with them just so they have the numbers. So...it's not really dead then. And that means the potential nominee pool is very small. Zach tells Frankie that he's going to bang him (wow, I wasn't sure they'd actually put that on TV) and is happy he's safe.

When they get their HoH room, Frankie is happy that the photo of his sister (Ariana Grande) is from when she was a baby and wearing skeleton make-up. His letter is from his sister too, but no one knows or cares who she is.

The Detonators

Frankie, Christine, Derrick, Cody and Zach are in the HoH room and decide that a five-person alliance makes more sense than an eight-person alliance. They call themselves the Detonators. It's hilarious how they act like the Bomb Squad was dumb, but the only reason they're working together is because of it. This is just a subset of the B.S., so it's not really a new alliance. Christine is happy that she's now had two alliances fall into her lap just because she was in the right room at the right time, ignoring the fact that she's in an alliance with four dudes.

Team America

Frankie is informed about the second Team America, to nominate someone they believe is a "physical threat." Seeing as how Frankie is an HoH, this requires no real effort since he can just put up the threat and win.

Frankie promises that he won't let America down, then he talks to Derrick about the mission and they agree that Amber is the "physical threat." Oh, this is so much nonsense and, as someone who voted for this mission, I am immediately let down. Especially since they don't show that Frankie talked about nominating Amber BEFORE he got this mission.

Like last time, Frankie and Derrick decide on the mission first, then they bring in Donny after they've made up their minds to convince him to do what they want. Donny mentions that a physical threat means a guy, but is immediately shot down. Donny is a member of Team America in name only, because the other two guys obviously don't respect him or his opinion at all.

Man Crushes and Beds

In the filler for this episode, Cody's man crush is Zac Efron. Frankie also has a regular crush on Zac (obviously he's got a thing for guys with that name). Cody knows WAAAAAAAY too much about Zac Efron movies and is way too obsessed with Zac's abs

The other bit of filler is all about sleeping arrangements, with no one wanting to sleep with Victoria. Brittany tells Victoria about this and it spins out of control into a bunch of catty nonsense. Ugh, as much as I hate the misogyny from the men, these girls are not making it easy to root for them.

The Nominations

Brittany confides in Frankie about how she doesn't want to flirt with Cody like the other girls. Frankie cackles about how he's immediately going to run upstairs and tell Cody everything. I assume Frankie thinks he's being cute, but he's really just coming across as an a-hole.

Cody takes everything Frankie says as gospel and turns on Brittany because of it. Cody confronts Brittany and she says that she's so over the lies and fakeness of the game. That's a classic rookie mistake of someone recruited for the show who didn't actually watch it before joining the cast.

Frankie tells Amber about the plan to put her up, but she does not want to be the pawn again. She questions why it needs to be a girl and not one of the guys. That's a GREAT question, and one Frankie doesn't have a good answer for.

In the end, Cody nominates Brittany and Victoria while Frankie nominates Amber and Jocasta. So four women are on the block in a week where America voted to put up a "physical threat." Maybe next week Frankie and Derrick can somehow claim that Caleb is a floater.

Cody says that he just didn't know where they were at in the game. Frankie says that Jocasta is fierce and Amber is one of his best friends and a strong competitor. Lame.

After the nominations, Cody tells Victoria she's an innocent bystander, not a target. That's so condescending. Derrick and Frankie celebrate about completing their second Team America mission. Do they really think this is what we wanted? It's definitely not.

An All-Female Alliance, Take 2

Amber, Brittany and Jocasta complain in the bathroom about how four women were nominated this week and how insulting it is that Brittany was compared to Victoria. Amber also talks to Christine about how unfair it is that none of the men in their Bomb Squad alliance are put up as pawns. Amber trusts Christine completely and wants to talk to her and Nicole about doing exactly what the guys are doing.

What we don't see is that talking to Christine about such matters is a foolish thing to do, because she immediately ran upstairs to rat out Amber to the rest of the Detonators. But I guess, with so much misogyny in this episode, an act of woman-on-woman betrayal would've been too much.

The Battle of the Block

The four women are on a chess board. They must alternate turns and each of them has to move like a knight in chess. Once they land on a square, it's dead. If you can't make any moves, you're out.

Nobody knows what to do and Victoria is particularly incompetent when it comes to counting. Jocasta's strategy is to pray and she's the first person eliminated. How does she still believe in God when He has ignored her prayers in every single competition this season?

Brittany is out second and as soon as it becomes obvious that Amber is going to win, Jocasta starts speaking in tongues. That might be the craziest thing to ever happen in the history of this show.

Amber and Jocasta win the Battle of the Block, so Frankie is dethroned and gets tarred and feathered. That leaves Cody as the HoH with Brittany and Victoria on the block.

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