'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Funk from the Junk
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Funk from the Junk
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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After Nate's elimination last week, the two remaining members of the white team (Danni and Pam) tearfully embrace and offer each other encouragement. They know they need to do absolutely everything to lose the weight and stay on the ranch.

Temptation Time

Get ready for some game playin', because we have entered our first temptation challenge. Alison goes through some shocking statistics on childhood obesity, (some of which make me squirm, as they are related to staggering data on hours spent watching TV. Eek.) The teams answer trivia questions, and the losing team will spend the week, specifically 4 1/2 hours a day,"like a kid", locked in room filled with junk food, TV, and video games. The trivia questions are shocking. The percentage of children, younger than 10 years old, that have heart risk factors, that ingest empty calories with every meal, whose parents don't see them as overweight, it's frightening. Red and white are safe, and blue loses the challenge. They are sentenced to a week in the junk room.

Cherished Gym

Red team hits the gym with Dolvett. Red has won both weigh-ins so far, and Dolvett knows that he has to keep pushing. The white team takes a beating from Jillian and finds their groove. Bob gets the bad news that his team has been banished to the junk room, and he's determined to figure out a way to make it work. Meanwhile, Alex decides to eliminate the temptation of the junk food by pouring orange juice all over everything. I've heard of this technique before. Hopefully it works!

The Jillian Touch

Francelina finishes up her workout with Dolvett and sidles up to Jillian's team to continue on. Um, way to go, girl! Jillian brings her in and has a chat with the ladies to finish up the day. She asks Francelina one or two simple questions about her feelings and her journey before she breaks down in tears. She opens up about her father, his drinking and his death with she was just 16 years old. Jillian brings her to the emotional vulnerability needed to discover the root of her problem. I swear, Jillian has psychological magic powers.

Nutrition for the Kids

Dr. Joanna shows up at each of the kids' houses to check in with eating habits and medical conditions. Bingo needs to cut his video game time from 5 hours a day during the week, and 9 hours a day on the weekend, to 2 hours a day. Sunny and her family are vegetarians and Dr. Joanna correctly suspects that carbs have been filling the meat void. Lindsay finds out that she has pre-diabetes, all of which can be reversed now with healthy eating habits and exercise. Then, Dr. Joanna goes through all three kitchens and cleans out the crap. Ice cream, candy, frosting, soda, chips and other junk all get tossed in the trash. 

The Challenge

The challenge is on the theme of "cutting out the junk" and the contestants will need to bring a gum ball from one end of the course to the other. However, to do this, they will need to go through the bubble gum pit, which is exactly how it sounds. Pam has not been medically cleared so the white team will be split. Danni will be competing with blue and Pam will be rooting for red. The prize for this is one year of healthy groceries for the contestants on the winning team and their families. The red team takes the victory wins a year of free food. 

Last Chance Workout

The red team grits their teeth and pushes through their last chance workout with Dolvett. Cate and Jackson really step up and get dialed in. Over at Jillian's outdoor gym, Pam starts off strong, despite her last breakdown here. Jillian compliments her drive, the two laugh, even. Then, she crumbles. She just starts crying. She's sabotaging herself, and Jillian knows it. They get into another emotional yelling match over Pam's willingness to let herself fail. It doesn't seem like she's there yet. 

Over in the junk room, blue team is slumping around. To shake things up, Bob has the blue team do the last chance workout in the junk room, to symbolize that they can a.) workout anywhere, and b.) have conquered the temptation of the junk room. He uses a deck of cards to dictate the reps of each exercise. They kill it. 

The Weigh In

The red line is gone for week three and yellow has returned. Blue team weighs in first, with the Jeff to start them off. Jeff went from losing zero lbs last week to 11 lbs this week! Alex loses 4 lbs. David loses 6 lbs. Michael loses 13 lbs and breaks into the 300s! Gina loses 8 lbs, making the blue team's total weight loss 42 lbs and a percentage of 2.81%.

Red is up next and needs to lose at least 37 lbs to be safe from elimination. Francelina is up first and loses 5 lbs. Joe loses 9 lbs. Jackson loses 2 lbs. Cate loses 2 lbs. The two that stepped up and were expected to get big numbers, fell short. Lisa goes up last and loses 2 lbs. They needed 37 lbs and ended up with 20 lbs. 

Blue team is safe and red is in danger. White is up last. Between Danni and Pam, they need to lose 7 lbs to be safe. Danni loses 6 lbs. Pam only needs 1 lb to save white for the week. Pam loses 9 lbs and gets Biggest Loser of the Week! White finally gets a break! 

Red team heads into the new voting room, where they use a touch screen to make their pick. They all come out and each person's vote is revealed in front of the group. Cate gets the most votes, sending her home. She maintains her adorable, sunny attitude and lets everyone know that yes, she will do this at home and she'll be fine. That to me, is the only way to go. It's easy to take it personally and get discouraged, but just saying the words, "I can do this at home", puts you in the right state of mind to drive away from the ranch return to life you had before. 

The Check In

Cate is under the 200s and is training for her first marathon. She looks fantastic, and has maintained a routine of healthy eating and exercise. Keep it up, Cate!

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