Forensic Files
Forensic Files

truTV’s Forensic Files is the pioneer television series in America that deals with real life investigations and high-tech science. The show that started the forensics craze, it delves with every single aspect of investigation: crimes, accidents, disease outbreaks and more.


The show goes behind the scene of investigations, revealing how forensics and science solve crimes, mysterious accidents, and even outbreak of illnesses. Coroners, medical examiners, physicians, emergency medical, law enforcement personnel, the press and legal experts are followed and interviewed in order to document unusual and puzzling crimes that could only be solved through forensic investigation.

The re-enactment is done without any embellishment on the story. This is a strict guideline on the show since it is featuring real life crime stories. Because each story requires intensive research and investigation, it takes approximately eight months to finish one episode.

In its episode “Screen Pass,” a Colorado teenager suddenly disappears and the whole community works together to find her. When her body was found nearly two years later, the case status immediately switches from missing to murder. A recovered fingerprint leads the investigation to the man responsible for the crime.
In “Finger Pane,” the police must track down a serial killer before it strikes for another killing. Their only lead in the case is a bloody fingerprint found on the body of one of the victims. In “Good as Gold,” two young women in Napa, California were murdered during the Halloween. There are no evidences except for the DNA that the killer has left in the crime scene. Using only this piece of evidence, a groundbreaking test reveal the killer’s race, the color of his eyes and hair, and even what he looked like.

Forensics Files is narrated by Peter Thomas and produced by Medstar Television, the show premiered on 2000 and has already broadcasted 300 episodes since then.

-Katherine Garcia, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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