For the Love of Ray J: Cocktail Stays in the Running Despite Being a 'Bad Girl'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Joanna Hernandez, also known as Cocktail, remains to be one of the top hopefuls competing on the VH1 reality dating series For the Love of Ray J.  That's despite the fact that she's already appeared on the first season of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club, where she was credited as Jojo and lingered on for six episodes.  She also made guest appearances on the show's spin-off, Bad Girls Road Trip, on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker (though she didn't get a date), and on MTV's The Real World (though her auditioned failed).

Last week, Cocktail's reality TV past was revealed on For the Love of Ray J, which left love searcher Ray J and the rest of the girls shocked.  Most viewers were expecting Cocktail to get the boot but Cashmere withdrew from the competition instead after feeling the pressure amongst the other girls coming back on her for outing Cocktail's history.

When you think about it, Cocktail's past shouldn't really come as a surprise to most viewers.  After all, For the Love of Ray J is a reality series, which basically means that you can't take the show too seriously.  But the irony is that Cocktail portrayed an unrepentant gold-digger during her stint on Bad Girls Club and Ray J graciously decided that he wouldn't hold that against her even though his goal on For the Love of Ray J is to weed out the social climbers, gold-diggers and groupies in attempt to find his “true love.”

At any rate, you can catch Cocktail as she continues her stint on For the Love of Ray J in the episode “Rock and Roll All Night, and Fiesty Every Day.”  In tonight's installment, Ray sets up a challenge to test which of the remaining women can cook a mean meal.  He asks the girls to cook and raise money for his favorite charity, The Norwood Kids Foundation.  As expected, things spiral out of control when some backstabbing occurs and another girl is sent home.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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