Flavor of Love 3: Reunion Recap
Flavor of Love 3: Reunion Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Flavor Flav has said this third season will be the last for Flavor of Love, meaning tonight's reunion special is quite possibly the last taste of the show viewers will get. Once again, LaLa is the hostess. I guess Po and Tinky Winky were busy. The ladies are in the house, as are Flav's niece and mom.

Flav comes out and says this season's ladies were the nicest yet, not the craziest. Sommore, the comedienne from the Flavorette roast, is back. The amount of canned laughter used during her stale jokes is offensive. Ice comes down and says there are no circumstances under which she would sleep with Flavor Flav. Good for her.

The man of the hour takes his crown off to reveal that he's gone bald. That's random. Next up is a montage of Shy's insanity and her stank-ass breath. She admits that the ordeal of her bad breath has hurt her professional acting/modeling career. She got to go to schools to talk to kids about how people on reality TV shows shouldn't be their role models because it's “unappropriate.” Then we relive Prancer and Shy coping with their mother's dying from the same rare disease. Shy encourages viewers to love their moms.

Remember Hotlanta's alcoholism? She incorrectly uses the phrase “icing on the cake” to refer to things getting worse, when in reality, the icing is the best part of the cake. Hotlanta explains that being on Flavor of Love 3 was like being on vacation, which is why she got drunk 24/7. Sinceer also had an alcohol problem in the mansion. She proudly flaunts her new fake breasts. Sinceer has no apologies for being a horrible beeyotch to Bunz.

The Sinceer/Seezinz feud is up next, reminding us that Sinceer was the cause of all the drama on this season. These two women argue forever, and sadly Flavor Flav preemptively stops a fight by sitting between them. Black gets the next spotlight and she's just as plain and boring as ever. She's like two scoops of vanilla ice cream: nobody hates it, but no one gets excited about it.

Finally, we look back at Thing 2. Flavor Flav thinks back on his time on the show, and how when he started the first season, Flav was expecting another child, and he says he should be devoted to giving his kid a dad. Then he brings out his son Karma and his baby mama Liz. And Flavor Flav proposes. To Liz, a woman with no connection to this show.


This is a lot like the end of St. Elsewhere when the whole show was revealed to take place in the mind of an autistic kid. Three seasons later, and all this dumb Flavor of Love dating had nothing to do with anything, because Flavor Flav is marrying the woman he had a kid with before the show ever happened. What a huge “Screw you” to everyone who ever watched or appeared on Flavor of Love.

He tries to explain that he truly was looking for love on the show, but it happens that he had it all along. It's hard to be opposed to a man proposing to the mother of one of his children, but in the context of this reality show, Flavor Flav has done it.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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