'FlashForward' Recap: Three O'Clock Revelations
'FlashForward' Recap: Three O'Clock Revelations
We've got hours to the hour that everyone's been waiting for, and so many secrets have been revealed, worsening the fact that FlashForward has been canceled. But we still have tonight's "Countdown" and the finale next week. Let's just relish in these last moments before the series blacks out for all, shall we?

FlashForward Canceled by ABC

Revelation 1:
The episode opens with Charlie in tears, telling her mother that daddy Mark is going to die. He has no choice, apparently. This just has to happen, in order to secure the future of his daughter. Well, that's what Hellinger says anyway.

With the suspect in custody, Mark interrogates the mysterious blond and finds out that whatever path he takes on that day will end in his death. Anything, even if he goes to the bathroom or flies to Antarctica. But he ends up falling for that Tachyon trap. Whatever the case, the future's set: Mark Benford is going to die. Well, everyone is but not so soon.

Revelation 2:
We also have Simon telling Janis that he needs her help. He can't come clean and he certainly can't run away from the problem, so this mad scientist decides to just take over. He reveals that he worked for the people responsible for the blackout because of his pride.

He was a kid then, was told he was destined for greatness. But again with destiny. He can be great no matter which side he's on (no, we're not just talking about Dominic Monaghan), and he's choosing to save the world. Sort of.

Revelation 3:
We're thinking of just lumping together these two relationship-related revelations, so here goes. Nicole tells Bryce about Keiko's whereabouts, and it's no surprise he chooses to follow the lead. Hmpf. Men.

Of course, Nicole is left alone and awaiting her death by underwater suffocation. Not worse than being left for another woman, really. But Keiko's off to Japan, so we have to wait until the finale to see how this turns out.

Meanwhile, Demetri runs after Zoey in the airport to get married. However, he ends up telling his fiancée about him and Janis. Stupid mistake, but you have to admire the guy's guts. No Hawaii for him then. Look on the bright side, that means no marital troubles either.

Epiphany Time!
-    Lloyd finally figures out the decoherence equation, with the help of Dylan, no less.
-    Olivia finally decides to run away from her problems and takes Charlie with her. She's been hinting about leaving before, but we know she'll be back in time for the finale.
-     Demetri, after heading for Janis and holding Simon at gunpoint (and vice versa) backpedals and decides to do something different for once. He helps out Suspect Zero, takes him and the mother of his child, and drives off to stop the next blackout. But we might not even get to see the results, thanks so much ABC.
-    Aaron finds out that there really is no hope holding on to his flashforward, because his daughter Tracy has finally passed away.
-    Speaking of death, Mark Benford, last because he's not the least, finds himself in a bar with a bottle in his hand. Amidst the fist fight/bar brawl, you can see it's unmistakable. He's back to drinking, just like in his flashforward. And in that intoxicated reverie, it dawns on him: he can't fight fate. That is, because fate is controlled by power-hungry maniacs who want to meddle with lives and geopolitics.

The episode ends with Mark in jail, but how do you think the series will wrap up?

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