FlashForward: Preview of Episode 13 "Blowback"
FlashForward: Preview of Episode 13 "Blowback"
After last week's thrilling episode, FlashForward returns tonight with the rest of the tale. They're also introducing a big-shot music producer as guest star, so that's another thing worth looking out for.

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On "Blowback," Timbaland makes an appearance as an evidence agent. What he has to offer may be vital to solving the flashforward mystery, or at least getting close to unraveling its many secrets.

But first, there are other questions that need answers. Unlike the previous Simon-centric installment of FlashForward, tonight deals with Aaron (Brian F. O'Byrne) and his daughter. Hoping to find what the black-ops Jericho unit wants with Tracy (Genevieve Cortese), he heads out to delve deeper into the enigma.

Aaron comes face to face with the man who took his daughter from her, but he may just find out a few things not to his liking.

Meanwhile, his friend Mark (Joseph Fiennes) continues figuring out the phone conversation he had in his vision. He talks to Lloyd about it, since he's seen the flashforward as well, but neither of them comes up with an answer.

As Mark becomes busier with Lloyd, his partner Demetri (John Cho) remains baffled by his lack of a flashforward. He confronts his fiancée Zoey (guest star Gabrielle Union) about it once more, and she tries to come up with a plan to change his fate, and hers.

Is that even possible? We aren't even sure what the outcome was with Al Gough's suicide yet, but it still brings hope. Now that the villain has surfaced, there's a target for the FBI to follow. But that's obviously not enough as the promise of yet another blackout looms on the characters.

As you can see on the promo for "Blowback" below, things are heating up on FlashForward. Despite its low ratings, the story definitely gets better. That slow execution in its first installments may have affected its current state, but it certainly didn't skimp out on the quality of the next ones.

Now that the future relies on Mark, will he be able to make his move? More so, will it be a good one?

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Don't miss tonight's episode of FlashForward as it airs at 8pm on ABC.

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