'FlashForward' Finale Recap: What Will You See After This?
'FlashForward' Finale Recap: What Will You See After This?
D-Day just got worse on this final episode of FlashForward, especially when all we get for an ending is another massive cliffhanger. Although, there's hope for the show yet, if some merciful network decides to pick it up and provide us with answers. Because on "Future Shock," more mysteries just hit us as quickly as a gunshot to a masked man's head.

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First things first. It may be the last time we'll see this on ABC so:


And sigh.

Mark's in jail, where we left him, but he gets released by Wedeck who knows he'll regret his decision. That is, if our hero Agent Benford dies. And with the bombs planted in their office, there's a big possibility he will. He's already rushed into the building to surrender to his flashforward.


Meanwhile, awkwardness ensues when Lloyd follows Olivia with their children on hand. The four of them end up at her house in the hopes of solving the lipstick equation before 10pm strikes. It turns out that it's Dylan who wrote the formula on the mirror, which leaves us with another mystery regarding the boy's possible genius.

On another part of the city, Keiko escapes the airport with the help of her crazy mother while Bryce tracks her down for the low, low fee of $100 (those commercials must be getting to me). Nicole, meanwhile, is left to nurse her emotional turmoil. Back in Afghanistan, Aaron is still treating Tracy.

In NLAP, Simon is getting Demetri and Janice to work with him to stop the next blackout from happening. But she gets rushed to the hospital, after committing a clever ruse to get past the guards. It's ultrasound time, and also:

10pm, in rapid succession:
Keiko meets Bryce at last. Nicole learns that crying while driving is a crime to yourself, then starts drowning. Tracy awakens. Janice's baby is okay, but it's a boy after all. Vogel announces Mark's death, but he's mistaken of course. While Lloyd and Olivia kiss, he figures out the formula. He calls Mark, telling him that another blackout will happen within the month. Two days left.

Benford then puts the pieces of the puzzle together and finds out that the next blackout will occur that night at:


And in come the masked men with the guns.

"Welcome to the future."
After the visions came true, we discover that there's still hope for everyone. Nicole is saved by a stranger, who has been looking for her since the first blackout too. Like Bryce and Keiko. But let's get back to where the action is instead.

Mark goes on a killing spree, like he's in a carnival shooting duck after duck. He runs off in search of an exit, but finds a phone instead. He calls Wedeck to inform the world about the next blackout, and eventually says goodbye to Olivia and Charlie.

Simon and Demetri are still trying to stop the second blackout. They're minutes away from it, and we can see the machine starting to emit lights and sounds and utter confusion. It's 10:14pm.

The second (and final, thanks ABC) blackout


So Mark and Co. weren't able to prevent this explosion, and FlashForward would've ended like a movie if they did. It would've been too clean of a finale. Good thing we have a new set of visions come pouring in.

There's a baby being baptized, which could be Janice's. A boy on the swing: Dylan? A banner for 2015, then someone's medical exam results - probably Bryce's. Following that is a shot of a last will and testament. Then there's a gun being loaded, dice on a keychain being handed over and a girl in pink with her back to the camera.

After a brief shot of the present, where the kangaroo hops past the screen again, we see an envelope dated March 14, 2011 and hear a man's voice. The girl is apparently Charlie, all grown up with a smile on her face as she says "They found him."

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These are the clues that were left, and we're left to piece this all together. It's too much for a cliffhanger conclusion, but it'll do. This FlashForward finale might just keep us thinking for weeks into the future too.

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