Comedian John Cho Serious About 'Flash Forward'
Comedian John Cho Serious About 'Flash Forward'
Armed with a straight face and a deadly determined expression, one can hardly pinpoint John Cho in the trailer of the upcoming series Flash Forward.  While the man can be easily identified on the streets of Hollywood, it feels so different to see him in such a serious show like this one.

Cho has graced theaters in his comic role on the Harold and Kumar flicks, so it's certainly a shocker to see him in suspenseful sci-fi fare.  Then again, he was already noted for his role as Sulu on J.J. Abrams' Star Trek earlier this year.  Taking on more dramatic roles certainly felt like the right step for him.

On an interview with The New Paper, the 37-year-old John Cho discussed why he easily accepted the role of FBI Agent Demetri Noh on Flash Forward.  He'll be the loyal partner of Joseph Fiennes' character, Mark Benford.  The intriguing thing about Cho's role is that he didn't get a glimpse of his future while everyone blacked out.  Could it mean he's dead in six months?

We hardly see John Cho on television, so this is indeed a welcome change for his career.  "I wasn't willing to go back to television as I had a couple of shows that went bust on me, and I wasn't keen on testing those waters again," the actor explained.  "But this script is very compelling and I connected with Demetri's circumstances."

Cho also revealed that filming Flash Forward will be quite an intriguing experience, since he has no idea what's in store for the characters.  The other actors were given no clues as well.

"Unlike other television shows where the characters stay the same week after week, this is a little different as we don't know where the characters are going," Cho said.  "'We are finding our way around this, but it helped that we are shooting two episodes simultaneously."

But John Cho doesn't think he can take that mystery.  Even he would like his own glimpse of the future.  "'I'm the kind of person who wants all available information on the table," he claimed.  "I like to know how things work out."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Asia One News
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