Farmer Wants a Wife: Matt and Brooke Still Together
Farmer Wants a Wife: Matt and Brooke Still Together
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Let's face it.  With the crop of reality dating shows of late, the genre has lost any semblance of credence it may have in finding people their supposed soulmates.  And the endings of these kinds of shows have ranged from the shocking to the downright absurd.  Season 3 of Flavor of Love ended miserably for fans as Flava Flav opted to propose to the mother of his children Liz rendering the whole season utterly pointless.  On the 11th season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack chose no one between the two finalists, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas.  More recently, Tila Tequila of A Shot at Love picked Kristy Morgan during the finale, only to be rejected.  Kristy would later reason that she “just went with what her heart said.”

Apparently, the trend is not true for Matt Neustadt and Brooke Ward, a couple borne out of yet another reality show, the recently concluded Farmer Wants a Wife.  According to The Orange Country Register, Matt and Brooke are still together.  In fact, Brooke drove all the way to Missouri “to see her man.”
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While admitting that it hasn't been an easy ride, with all the uncertainties brought about by the unconventional way they were coupled, Brooke maintains that she is ecstatic about the relationship.

‘”It's really crazy,” she says.  “Right after it was filmed, Matt and I were both really confused about our intentions for being on the show, our intentions for each other, and even though you've got real feelings for each other, it was really hard to figure out.  So we left a lot of things unsaid, and we both were kind of scared to admit we had real feelings for each other.  And then when he came out here in April for some publicity, we kind of rekindled things.  So now we're dating, and I'm going to move and see what happens.”

As it turns out, in Farmer Wants a Wife, the farmer may really have found a wife. Or else, someone who didn't reject him.

-Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Orange Country Register
(Image Courtesy of the CW)

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