'Fargo' Recap: The Story Shifts in More Ways Than One
'Fargo' Recap: The Story Shifts in More Ways Than One
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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If you're watching a show like FX's Fargo, you try to watch it live that night. It's a show full of twists and turns, many of which that would carry much less of an impact if they were ruined on Twitter or through the casual scrolling of a TV/entertainment site.

Therefore, be advised. This article contains spoilers from Fargo's eight episode, "The Heap." If you haven't watched-- go do so right now! And then come back for my thoughts on the game changing episode. 

Does a major character die? Does someone get caught? 

Nope and definitely nope.

Instead, the show takes an abrupt shift to one year in the future: 2007.


Lester thinks that all of the terrible things he's done over the past few episodes, like murdering his wife and framing his brother for the crime, have brought him nothing but good fortune. And sure enough--they have.

The episode opens with Lester getting a new washer--a top-of-the-line one actually. His sister-in-law, Kitty, tells him, "You deserve it Lester. All good things--you deserve."

After Kitty leaves, Lester throws out all of his wife's junk from her perfume, to her wall hanging quotes to her collectible spoons to her sewing supplies.

Some amount of time must have passed since the last episode, "Who Shaves the Barber?" because Molly, meanwhile, is back on the job. "Doc cleared me for duty," she tells her Dad.

She's not only back to her regular job, but she wants to resume her investigation into Lester. Bill tells her he was wrong about a drifter being the killer, but then tries to leave before she can lay out, with her bulletin board, what she's discovered.

"You're still... wrong," Molly tells him, being strong, but still respectful of Bill and his position of authority. He won't give her any room or any wiggle room though--he wants to be done with all of this and he thinks he got his man. He's so certain that they're done that he's ready for cake! (Which has an assault rifle on top made of frosting, because of course this show.)

Lester, buoyed by his new life at home, begins a new life at work. When the Widow Hess busts in his office and demands to know where her insurance money is, saying, "Don't you Mrs. Hess me. I was picking your pubes out of my teeth twelve hours ago."

Lester says he'll make some calls, but she demands he produce the $2 million by the end of the day. Instead of backing down as the old Lester might have, the new Lester hits both her kids with a stapler and chases them out.

"You're amazing," Lester's female co-worker tells him, clearly now in love.

Over at the hospital, the cop watching Mr. Wrench is murdered by Malvo when he goes to the bathroom. Malvo then tells Mr. Wrench, now that they can be alone, that he's unemployed now and basically they should leave each other alone. He even leaves Mr. Wrench with the key so he can free himself. It's worth noting that this is the last time we'll see Mr. Wrench over the course of tonight's Fargo episode.

That night, at Molly's return to work party, Verne's widow thanks Molly for everything she's done to catch her husband's killer, but Molly struggles whether or not to be honest with her about her doubts. Molly even keeps her board of evidence in the trunk of her car and goes to visit Lester at work, who smiles and is having a great time getting admiration and praise from his co-workers.

The next day -- or some time after -- Gus is working the traffic beat and calls Molly. She reminds him to leave out that he shot her at the hearing that is taking place tomorrow and even asks her out on a date. 

I'm starting to get very, very worried for Gus' life, terrified he'd be killed in seconds.

But no, the camera pans to the left and in fade's the words: "One Year Later." HOLY. SHIT.


Gus is now a postman--fulfilling his dreams that he mentioned earlier in the season. He's also married to Molly and she is pregnant. Like SUPER pregnant. Like... Marge Gunderson pregnant from the movie Fargo.

Molly is still hunting Lester and Malvo, as she has her bulletin board of evidence in the house. She has even made numerous calls to the FBI, but they're ignoring her.

The FBI Agents played by Key and Peele, however, are stuck down in the evidence room after letting Malvo kill 22 of Fargo's mob enforcers in the last episode. They're still stuck down there in 2007, but they get a memory of what happened in 2006 when one of them accidentally knocks down a bulletin board revealing the photo of Malvo they had taped up in 2006.

The episode then decides to end fairly far away from the goings-on in Minnesota by transitioning to Las Vegas. There's an insurance convention where Lester has just been named Insurance Salesman of the Year 2007. He's even married to that female co-worker of hers. (I couldn't hear her name. Anyone else catch it?)

Lester talks about all the shit he's been through over the last year. "The worst does happen... and you need to be insured," he says.

His wife goes up to the room after the awards, but Lester decides to stay down at the bar, most likely to hit on very, very attractive women that walk by him--and one of them even seems interested in him.

But before Lester can make a move, he spots Malvo at another table, having the time of his life entertaining a few business associates. Lester looks uneasy, but he's not panicking... at least not yet. And the familiar Fargo music theme picks up again as we close out on the back of Malvo's head.

What a phenomenal twist that completely upends the show for the remaining two episodes of the season. Can't wait to see how this plays out starting next week.

Odds and Ends

- What was the point of the story from Tahir about getting caught shoplifting by Bill? Didn't really make sense to me.

- I'm so glad we only saw some of the characters in 2007. I'm eagerly anticipating finding out what happens in 2007 to the Widows Hess, Mr. Wrench, Chaz (Lester's brother) and more.

Fargo airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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