Life Goes On for 'Family Guy'
Life Goes On for 'Family Guy'
Family Guy life goes on, notwithstanding the writers' strike, which is still carrying on.  FOX promises a continued supply of fresh Family Guy installments for fans of the animated series.

In related news, Family Guy will soon have its very own beer license, marking a major commercial and marketing milestone for animated shows.

First up, though, despite the continuation of the writers' guild walkout, which began three weeks ago, production will go on with Family Guy.  FOX has assured that it will keep churning out new installments even without Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane.  MacFarlane, who also happens to be the voice behind many of Family Guy's major characters, is currently part of the ongoing strike.

In other news, the Family Guy franchise has broken new ground and entered previously uncharted waters by becoming the first animated show ever to be granted a beer license.

Brandweek announced last week that Pawtucket Patriot Ale will debut in liquor stores and specialty outlets next year.  The upcoming Rhode Island-based microbrew has been named after the drink of choice of Family Guy patriarch, Peter Griffin.  The revolutionary beer deal supports FOX's long-standing philosophy of partnering with more mature brand names and labels that cater specifically to young adults and college students.

"Even though it's animated, we've never looked for partners who are kid-based," Howard Nelson, VP for worldwide promotions at Fox Licensing & Merchandising stated.  "We want partners that embrace the show's edgy humor and target the young male audience."

Aside from its impending beer product, Family Guy is also expanding its reach via its first national fast food promotional campaign.  The series began making its presence felt via in-store displays in 22,000 Subway outlets.  Aside from the displays, the Subway stores also have collector cups and a Hollywood Squares-type online game, all of which will run until December 30.

On the boob tube, the campaign showcases 15 and 30-seconder animated spots with Peter Griffin delivering an “ode to a Subway feast.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source:, Brandweek
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