Family Guy: Preview of "Baby Not on Board"
Family Guy: Preview of "Baby Not on Board"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The last episode of Family Guy certainly caused a ruckus among the politically conservative with some critics echoing the oft-mentioned “crossing the line” bit.  The adorable Stewie and Brian time-traveled to Poland in 1939, the year when Nazi Germany started its campaign for world domination.  When they beat up and tried to steal the uniforms of some random Nazi, Stewie noticed something eerily contemporary on his chest – a McCain/Palin campaign button.

Not a lot of Family Guy fans were surprised, however, as it was something they were expected to see on a show like Family Guy.  It is said that only South Park reasonably rivals the Seth MacFarlane-helmed series when it comes to boldly going where few cartoons have gone before.  On the other hand, its rep’s defense sounded a lot like South Park people said:  “The show is an equal opportunity offender.”  Fox News insinuated that the reference was to be expected, as MacFarlane is a huge supporter of the Democratic Party.  They fail to mention, though, that it was the GOP VP bet who said Obama was “paling around with terrorists.”
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On the next episode of Family Guy, we get a plot that reminds us of Macaulay Culkin’s shot to fame Home Alone.  Peter gets a lasting supply of gas for the year so he decides to take the family on a trip to the Grand Canyon (that means a trip from Rhode Island to Arizona).  As they hit the road, however, they realize that Stewie isn’t with them.  They are then forced to make an “explosive” trip home.

The Family Guy creator, who recently inked a $100 million contract with Google for a new venture, cannot seem to be bothered with all the criticisms.  If anything, a critic said the show’s purpose seems to be to offend the easily offended.  And if they do, Family Guy wins.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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