'Family Guy' Premieres Tonight
'Family Guy' Premieres Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
If you like your animated comedy shows, you better be home tonight, or at least have your TiVo ready.

Four shows are opening their seasons tonight, including the unprecedented 20th run of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and American Dad.  But the most highly anticipated premiere, if observers are to be believed, is Family Guy, which is opening its sixth season with an episode curiously called “Love Blacktually.”  Family Guy airs at 9pm on Fox.  Details of the episode are behind the cut so if you don't want spoilers, don't click.

In tonight's episode, Brian, the family's talking dog if you're not familiar, falls in love with a cute atheist girl named Carolyn whom he meets in a bookstore.  Following Stewie's advice, Brian takes things slow, en route to what promises to be a long-term relationship.  This drives Carolyn crazy, though, and she ends up falling for Cleveland.  And then Brian finds out.  But even then, Brian is one determined pooch.  He vows to win her back.  His plans might even implicate Cleveland's ex-wife Loretta, in what promises to be an episode full of non-stop laughs.

If you think the first episode is crazy, the one after that will have Peter hanging out with Paris and Perez Hilton.

Family Guy has frequently been in the news lately, with the spin-off The Cleveland Show taking off and even more buzz from the possible big screen adaptation and the online mini-cartoons.  A lot of critics have noted that the quality of Family Guy episodes have deteriorated during its last few seasons.  And now, it looks to bounce back to its true form.  According to a review, if you are planning to watch just one of these shows tonight, Family Guy is the prudent choice.

Created by Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy was canceled once in 2000 and again two years later in 2002.  Strong DVD sales, however, prompted Fox to bring the show back in 2005.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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